Storage Solution

Single Disk solution

  • Portable Drive:
    • good up to 5tb each, easy portable,
    • but if your collection large than 5tb or 2 collection more than 5tb, it is hard to re-arrange and move around between disks
  • 3.5in Portable Drive:
    • need power adapter, bulky, more time for disk spin up to start
    • if multiple drive, need more power socket to plugin

Multiple Disk Solution

  • Hard Disk Dock (>2 slot)
    • good to quick swap naked disk
    • most have diskA to diskB standalone disk clone
    • but not physically stable on desk for long time use
  • NAS machine with disk slots
    • built-in RAID support
    • built-in system to configure share, access control, security, backup
    • more ports like Ethernet ports, usb 3.2 transfer speed.
    • but expensive like a mini pc price
  • DIY machine with RAID supported motherboard
    • DIY guide, basically a PC build and NAS software setup:
    • ref: Should You Buy or Build a NAS
    • good on component choice of upgrade and repair
    • but if you keep your machine on 24/7, you may want to fact in the power consumption cost as well compared to small minified NAS machine

Cloud Storage

  • like Google Drive, amazon S3 storage, adobe cloud, other network storage
  • built-in security and backup
  • global accessibility
  • large data maybe trouble to upload and download depending on network
  • but on-going money spending
  • also features is limited to what those cloud service provide gives
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