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  • Forget about, get windows 10 instead, win8 to win10 is like vista to win7.

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Windows 8 Problem and Fix

  • How to Change home/office Wifi Network's property into “Home and Private Network” profile
    • Problem behind it:
      • If you check windows firewall setting in “Control” panel, there are “Private networks” and “Guest or Public networks”; by default, it connects any wifi as “Guest or Public networks”, and prohibit any incoming connection; thus that causes home wifi inter PC connection can't work, like file transfer with Dukto.
    • Solution:
      • manually set home Wifi's property as “Private networks” - steps:
        1. click on Wifi icon on the taskbar, then the right side charm bar pop up with listing of all wifi;
        2. then click the very top of the bar, the Text called “View connection settings”, then a window pop up called “Network > connection” showing on the left, and wifi name show on the right.
        3. then click on the home wifi name on the right, then, that wifi's property showing up
        4. under Find devices and content: make it “On”;
        5. Done, that step make the wifi into “Home and Private Network” profile, now you can check windows firewall setting in “Control” panel; it shows “Private network” connected.
        6. From now on, you can send file transfer, such as with Dukto, without have to fight with general windows firewall inbound/outbound rules in the firewall advanced setting.
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