Tool Develop for BlackMagic Fusion

  • Note:
    • Fusion need you to install Python 2 64bit or Python 3 64bit on your own to use it
    • it needs 64 bit python, thus you need to check your PySide (PySide2 for Python 3) or PyQt4 (PyQt5 for Python 2,3) is in 64bit as well.
      # note, if you have multiple version of python on your machine, you need to make sure type full python of python name to run install
      python.exe -m pip install pyside
    • make sure your that Qt library is in your path if your library is in custom location

Fusion Python Commands

  • load the commands
    import fusionscript as fs
    # test 
    fu = fs.scriptapp("Fusion")
    comp = fu.GetCurrentComp()
    new_merge = comp.AddTool('Merge',1,1)