Windows 10 subverisons and editions

  • Windows 10 has many major sub-versions:
    • 1607: (2016) the pure original
    • 1703: (2017) good version for old hardware, but some says N2060 gpu say no drive for it.
    • 1709: (2017) some says ryzen 2700x blue screen. but most recommended
    • 1803: (2018) most recommended
    • 1809: (2018) most not recommend
    • 1903: (2019.05) [code:19H1] many say cause lag in some software, and from that on, it will force future update from system.
    • 1909: (2019.11) [code:19H2]
  • Windows 10 has many edition:
    • Home: max 128GB ram, has parent control, no remote but accept help, no domain and no group policy
    • Pro: 2TB ram
      • Pro for Workstations: 6TB ram
    • Education: 2TB ram, no store
      • Pro Education
    • Enterprise: 6TB ram
      • Enterprise LTSC: 10 year support

Back Windows 10

  • MSI: F11 for boot option


  1. it backs up a fully working windows 10 OS to a disk image to a external USB disk
  2. and at same time, it create system repair boot media, DVD or USB flash drive
  3. then, taken out the old hard disk, and put in the new hard disk
  4. boot from system repair media
  5. restore that disk image file into the new hard drive
  6. remove old hard drive, put in the new hard drive
  • pro:
    • keep everything including app and config
    • no need other software
  • con:
    • no
  1. put the new hard drive into a USB-external-hard-drive-case
  2. then connect that USB-external-hard-drive-case to the computer through USB port
  3. use disk clone software (many options) to directly clone current hard hard to the USD-attached-external-hard-drive-case's new hard drive
  4. remove old hard drive, put in the new hard drive
  • pro:
    • easy of process
    • keeps of everything including app and config
  • con:
    • need 3rd party app


  1. manually backup all files into external USB hard drive
  2. down windows 10 media creation tool to create a fresh OS install disk, (DVD or USB):
  3. then use the media to re-install OS on new hard disk
  4. manually copy all the files into new hard disk
  • Pro:
    • fresh copy of OS
  • Con:
    • new reinstall of apps and app config

Create Win10 PE inside Win10

Base Apps

Win 10 Fresh Install

  1. choose location
  2. choose keyboard layout
  3. no wifi and limited setup
  4. create admin account: MainAccount/MainPass
  5. 3 question: MainQuestion/MainAnswer
  6. no privacy for all
  7. Done and continue with default system config

Windows 10 Initial Config

  1. Initial Tracking Info:
    • Privacy setting: all NO and OFF
    • activity history: NO
  2. MAJOR
    1. (optional disk space saving) admin cmd: (turn off hiberate to save space for RAM)
      powercfg -h off
    2. (optional disk space saving) computer right menu > property > advance system setting
      1. Performance setting: advanced tab: virtual memory (change) > custom size: initial (2000MB) max (half of ram)
    3. (computer name change) computer right menu > property > advance system setting
      1. Computer name tab: bottom “Change” button > New name for PC in this network
    4. restart PC in one go if you do above
    5. taskbar: No cortana; No Task View; No Search; No IE / Store / Mail
    6. start menu: unpin tiles
    7. change CD driver letter: diskmgmt.msc
    8. disable Lock Screen totally (only once for admin acc):
      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


      reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization" /v NoLockScreen /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
    9. File Explore:
      1. Folder Option:
        1. Default view: this PC
        2. Privacy: uncheck “show frequent used folder / recent files in QuickAccess”
        3. uncheck “hide extension”
        4. show full path in title
        5. View tab: apply to Folders for all folders with detail list
      2. Hide OneDrive (uninstall it, or use regedit: hide 64bit) (only once for admin)
        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      3. Hide Folders in This PC view (only once for admin acc)
        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
        ; Remove Desktop From This PC
        ; Remove Documents From This PC
        ; Remove Downloads From This PC
        ; Remove Music From This PC
        ; Remove Pictures From This PC
        ; Remove Videos From This PC

        remove 3d (only once for admin acc)

        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  3. Personalize
    1. Background: solid > Metal Blue (last 3rd)
    2. Color: transparency effects: OFF
    3. Lock Screen:
      1. Picture in lock screen: Create metal blue BG 100px in c:/zTmp (no need if you reg remove the lock screen)
      2. icon tiles and app status tiles: OFF as None
      3. Show lock screen BG as sign-in: On (off if you already reg remove the lock screen)
    4. Themes > Desktop Icons:
      1. add Computer
    5. Start
      1. recent app: OFF
      2. suggest app: OFF
      3. recent item: OFF
      4. Folder display: Settings / Download/ Network / Personal
    6. Taskbar
      1. Small button: ON
      2. combine taskbar button: when is full only (actually Never is better)
        REG ADD "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced" /V TaskbarGlomLevel /T REG_DWORD /D 1 /F
        taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
        start explorer.exe
      3. (option) Multiple display: combine taskbar only combine when full:
        REG ADD "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced /V MMTaskbarEnabled /T REG_dWORD /D 1 /F
        REG ADD HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced /V MMTaskbarGlomLevel /T REG_dWORD /D 1 /F
  4. System
  5. System > Notification
    1. : Quick Action : All OFF unpin
    2. : Notification: OFF
    3. no show, no suggest, no tips
  6. System > Focus Assist > All OFF
  7. System > Multitasking > Timeline: OFF
  8. System > Power and Sleep: additional power setting: change Plan > setting pop-up: close lid and power button
  9. System > Shared experience: OFF
  10. Device > AutoPlay: OFF - All take no action
  11. App > Un-install
    1. Feedback hub
    2. Tips
    3. Groove Music
    4. Card game
    5. Movie TV
    6. Xbox
  12. App > Map > no auto update map (only once for admin acc)
  13. IMPORTANT: status bar, one drive open, Setting : no startup, quite
    1. App > startup app : OFF one drive (No need if you do above)
  14. Account > Sign-in Option > Privacy > OFF the my sign auto
  15. Game > Xbox game bar : OFF
  16. Ease of Access > Keyboard: sticky key off
  17. Search:
    1. OFF for ms account
    2. OFF for history
  18. Privacy:
    1. General: OFF for web, track, suggest
    2. Ink and Type: OFF for personal
    3. Feedback: NEVER
    4. Activity history: OFF
    5. App Permission:
      1. voice act: OFF
      2. account info : OFF for all app
      3. contact: OFF for all app
  19. Update:
    1. advanced option: OFF update for MS product
    2. Delivery: OFF from other PC
  20. Time n Language:
    1. Language: check your preference language input
  21. Create other users (and loop from top again)
    1. Settings > Account > Family and Other users : under Other Users > “Add someone else to PC”
    2. logout and login new account
  22. Final Steps:
    1. shrink C drive to half (230GB) and create D drive
    2. rename C drive to OS, D drive to Data
    3. prepare initial C drive backup
  23. Actual Use Stage:
    1. connect to wifi, update all drives
    2. install license apps and activate
    3. back all OS again

Extra Config

  1. Config Wacom under Control Panel
    • Wacom Pref Panel
      • pen click (right, mid click)
      • Pen > Mapping: uncheck “use windows ink”
    • Pen and Touch (Control Panel)
      1. Flicks (disable)
      2. Pen option: Press hold (disable)
    • Addition Click Feedback fix (only applicable to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition or higher)
      1. gpedit.msc
      2. User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Tablet PC - Cursor
      3. and Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Tablet PC - Cursor
      4. Enable the Turn off pen feedback setting
    • Tablet PC setting
      1. Other: input panel setting> Opening (un-check all to disable)
    • The modifier key popups (ctrl, alt. shift) fix on Windows 10
      • Method 1: go wacom tablet setting, Tracking: Pen Mode: Mapping button, uncheck “use windows Ink”
      • Method 2 (not working): go RegEdit.exe, search UIButtonMode, and change UIButtonMode and UIModKeyMode value to 0 (ref)
  2. Power and Sleep
    • go additional, and choose “Performance” for best kinect USB connection.
    • When use external monitor, enable laptop close, Control Panel > Power Option > Change current plan setting > Change Advanced power setting > Power button and laptop lid option > (lid close): do nothing

Last Step - Backup System Image

  1. clean up before backup and restore
    1. move user folders
    2. move browser Bookmark
    3. clean tmp folder
    4. clean run history
      reg delete "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU" /va /f >nul 2>nul
    5. clean basic history
      • Browser: History
      • Explorer: Recent Places
  2. backup System Image

Windows 10 Problem and Solution

  • usb device keep disconnecting and reconnecting
    • go device manager, universal serial bus controller, uninstall intel usb 3 and rescan or restart to auto re install that driver
  • make ps2 keyboard working in windows 10:
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