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Solution - Use OneDrive 5GB as mountable network work

Problem - Router Give My PC IP

  • Normally, in a local network setup like Home WiFi network, it gives every device a local IP address, like;
  • Problem: If your PC are in situation (check with “ipconfig” command in cmd app) during network setup, you can't access your router at its default address in internet browser
  • Solution: in order to access address, you may need to manually set your PC IP to like; here is the steps:
    1. Open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections to see the actual Ethernet port/WIFI connection that you are using
    2. Right click on the your current network connection icon, choose property > check “internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Property
    3. Instead of letting IPv4 auto get your IP, you use manual entered IP address: 192.168.1.x (e.g., subnet mask:; empty default gateway
    4. now you should be able to access your Router by either Ethernet or WIFI at

Problem - Router can't be accessed using default password

  • press and hold reset button at router back for 5+ seconds to reset router, use Wifi or Ethernet to access page in internet browser. (search internet for default password for your router model)

Can't Map a Network Drive

  • make sure the computer which is sharing the folder has a username with password,
  • then, in other computer, map that network driver with "\\PC_Name\path_to_the_fodler", with credential as “PC_Name\user_name” and “Password”
  • additional note: make sure setting the folder permission with “full control” or “change” if you want end user create or modify on that folder, as default one is read only.

1Gb Ethernet Direct Connection

»»»»MAKE SURE Turn ON allow discovery and file sharing for your PC to work««««««

  • crossover wiring type ethernet cable is a part of history already, nowadays all ethernet adapter ports support Auto-MDIX (automatic medium-dependent interface crossover)
  • Thus, you just need a cat6 cable or better, (cat5 is part of history as well and not available commonly) to connect 2 computer ethernet port directly.
  • The Direct Connection Ethernet adapter setup (Note: if win10 interface hard to set ip, then just commandline admin mode faster)
    • on that direct Network Connection property, setup IP4 connection IP manually, (cmd “Lighting” is my ethernet adapter name when you cmd ipconfig)
      • on one computer with mask
        netsh interface ip set address name="Lighting" static
      • on other computer with mask
        netsh interface ip set address name="Lighting" static
      • on other computer with mask
        netsh interface ip set address name="Lighting" static
      • and map network drive with that direct ip address like, access \\\myShareFolderName on computer
    • For win10 auto change ip setting after restart, you need to go Windows 10 setting > Network > that Adapter: IP settings set
      • ip assignment: manual, ipv4:; subnet length: 24; gateway:
    • if auto configure still kick back, go regedit admin right: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{GUID}, you can check your ip setting to locate which guid is the one you want,
      • then, add a DWORD “IPAutoconfigurationEnabled”, value as 0
1Gigabit speed 125MegaByte/s
real small files 61MB/s in direct connection
large 20GB file 128MB/s in direct connection
through a cheap wifi router Ethernet port 12MB/s

10Gb Direct Connection Setup

  • 10GbE speed = 1250MB/s, and setup is similar as 1GbE setup, but the hardware needs to meet the spec to achieve it.
  • First, computer needs to have a 10Gb port.
    • there are same Ethernet cable based ports network adapters and cable
    • there are also copper wire cable based ports and cable (sfp+) (which is older than those new Ethernet port option)
    • there are also other solution, which require driver setup properly and configured properly
  • Cheap option
    • sfp+ copper cable and sfp+ network adapter (normally around 60SGD in 2nd hand, cable around 3 meter most time)
    • old generation of intel X540-T1,T2 10Gb Ethernet adapter (90sgd in 2nd hand) and standard cat6 Ethernet cable (6sgd for 5meter new)
    • new generation of intel X550 10Gb Ethernet adapter (???sgd in 2nd hand) and standard cat6 Ethernet cable
    • brand new Asus XG-C100C 10Gb Ethernet adaper (99USD new)
adapter / NIC (network interface card)
LR-link tehuti tn4010b0 10gb single port card pice 3.0x4 90 sgd
Asus XG-C100C PCIe 3.0x4 160 sgd
AQtion AQN-107 pcie 3.0x4 150 sgd
Intel x550-t1/t2 PCIe 3.0x4 250-500sgd
Intel x540-t1/t2 PCIe 2.0x8 100-120sgd used
netgear xs505m 4x 10GbE 690 sgd
netgear xs708ev2 8 x 10GbE 920 sgd
asus XG-U2008 2x10GbE + 8x1Gb 310 sgd
cat6a 10Gbps (100m)
cat6 10Gbps (55m)
cat5e 10Gbps (30m)
cat5e 1Gbps (~)
cat5 100Mbps
  • Chinese Name: 万兆以太网

Networking Solution

    • Hub sends signal to all ports
    • Switch send signal from one to another ports
    • Router connects between networks (inter-network), while hub and switch create a network

Port Number and Port Forward


  • port numbers are often associated with certain protocol, application, type of usage
    • like port 80 for http, 20,21 for ftp, 443 for https
  • port number are in range of 0-65535

Local DNS Server

Samsung TV and Android Connection

  • Samsung App store, install SmartThings.

Network Content Filtering

wechat channel
Web File Transfer
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