Enable Javascript in Photoshop 2022 above

  • to avoid warning pop dialog, you need to create a file at
    %appdata%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Adobe Photoshop 2022 Settings\PSUserConfig.txt
    %appdata%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Adobe Photoshop 2022 Settings\PSUserConfig
    at path:
    %appdata%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Adobe Photoshop 2022 Settings\
  • with content inside PSUserConfig.txt and also PSUserConfig (no ext in case for win10) (also enable ps use wacom instead ink code here)
    WarnRunningScripts 0
    UseSystemStylus 0

Javascript Version and Compatibility

  • JS ES3 (1999): photoshop js based on.
  • JS ES4
  • JS ES5: .trim()
  • JS ES6 (2015): let const, arrow
  • JS 2016: array.includes()
  • JS 2017: string padding
  • JS 2018:

My Photoshop Script

  • From time to time, I find I need something that can be repeated in Photoshop, that is why I decide to post some photoshop javascripts here. Most of them are very useful
  • Code Generator: script for building variable code/coupon code in Photoshop

Photoshop Scripting and Automation

  • Photoshop script guide can be found in application directory like
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Scripting Guide\
  • Addition scripting method to Javascript, VBscript, AppleScript
    • you can use Photoshop COM interface to communicate in other programming language
      • python: with win32com module, it can launch Photoshop with command shell
        import win32com.client
        psApp.preferences.rulerUnits=1 # use pixel as unit
      • python: with comtypes module, it can launch Photoshop with command shell (not working for me)
        from comtypes.client import CreateObject
  • a ref video on Photoshop CS3 Python Interpreter Embed in C++
  • another C++ listener integration
  • What is new about scripting in Photoshop CS5
    • Guides where added to you can create/delete/move guides using the DOM instead of scriptlistner
    • showColorPicker was added to application for when your script needs the user to select a color
    • refreshFonts and isQuicktimeAvailable were also added to application.
    • two new blend modes
    • printing underwent some big changes in the GUI

Basic Javascript syntax

  • alert(“Hello world”);
  • add guide line (before cs5)
    // add guide; ref:
    function addGuide(offset, orientation) {
        var id1 = charIDToTypeID('Mk  ');
        var desc1 = new ActionDescriptor();
        var id2 = charIDToTypeID('Nw  ');
        var desc2 = new ActionDescriptor();
        var id3 = charIDToTypeID('Pstn');
        var id4 = charIDToTypeID('#Rlt');
        desc2.putUnitDouble(id3, id4, offset);
        var id5 = charIDToTypeID('Ornt');
        var id6 = charIDToTypeID('Ornt');
        var id7 = charIDToTypeID(orientation);
        desc2.putEnumerated(id5, id6, id7);
        var id8 = charIDToTypeID('Gd  ');
        desc1.putObject(id2, id8, desc2);
        executeAction(id1, desc1, DialogModes.NO);
    • after CS5
      activeDocument.guides.add(Direction.VERTICAL, 100); // orientation and offset
  • photoshop version and preference
    app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS
    app.preferences.typeUnits = TypeUnits.PIXELS
    app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO
  • default check if doc open for those process script
    // ensure at least one document open
    if (!documents.length) {
        alert('There are no documents open. Please choose your action next.', 'No Document');
    else {
        main(); // if at least one document exists, then proceed
  • ask user input
    var input_txt = prompt('Width of your new doc', '800');alert(parseInt(input_txt));
  • confirm user
    var yes=confirm('Are you sure?');alert(yes); //true or false
  • safe way to call a function
    // begin try/catch
    try {
    // display error message if something goes wrong
    catch(e) {
        if (confirm('An unknown error has occurred. Would you like to see more information?')) {
            alert(e + ': on line ' + e.line, 'Script Error', true);
  • select tool
    function selectTool(tool) {
        var my_desc = new ActionDescriptor();
        var my_ref = new ActionReference();
        my_ref.putClass( app.stringIDToTypeID(tool) );
        my_desc.putReference( app.charIDToTypeID('null'), my_ref );
        executeAction( app.charIDToTypeID('slct'), my_desc, DialogModes.NO );
    moveTool marqueeRectTool marqueeEllipTool marqueeSingleRowTool marqueeSingleColumnTool lassoTool
    polySelTool magneticLassoTool quickSelectTool magicWandTool cropTool sliceTool sliceSelectTool 
    spotHealingBrushTool magicStampTool patchSelection redEyeTool paintbrushTool pencilTool 
    colorReplacementBrushTool cloneStampTool patternStampTool historyBrushTool artBrushTool eraserTool 
    backgroundEraserTool magicEraserTool gradientTool bucketTool blurTool sharpenTool smudgeTool dodgeTool 
    burnInTool saturationTool penTool freeformPenTool addKnotTool deleteKnotTool convertKnotTool 
    typeCreateOrEditTool typeVerticalCreateOrEditTool typeCreateMaskTool typeVerticalCreateMaskTool 
    pathComponentSelectTool directSelectTool rectangleTool roundedRectangleTool ellipseTool polygonTool lineTool 
    customShapeTool textAnnotTool soundAnnotTool eyedropperTool colorSamplerTool rulerTool handTool zoomTool
  • select a brush
    function c2t(s) { return app.charIDToTypeID(s); };
    function s2t(s) { return app.stringIDToTypeID(s); };
    function selectBrush(brushName) {
        var my_ref = new ActionReference();
        my_ref.putName( c2t( "Brsh" ), brushName);
        var my_desc = new ActionDescriptor();
        my_desc.putReference( c2t( "null" ), my_ref );
        executeAction( c2t("slct"), my_desc, DialogModes.NO );
    function brushSize(brushSize) {
        var my_ref = new ActionReference();
        my_ref.putEnumerated( c2t("Brsh"), c2t("Ordn"), c2t("Trgt") );
        var my_descBrush = new ActionDescriptor();
        my_descBrush.putUnitDouble( s2t("masterDiameter"), c2t("#Pxl"), brushSize );
        var my_desc = new ActionDescriptor();
        my_desc.putReference( c2t("null"), my_ref );
        my_desc.putObject( c2t("T   "), c2t("Brsh"), my_descBrush );
        executeAction( c2t("setd"), my_desc, DialogModes.NO );
    function brushHard(hardness) {
        if(parseInt(hardness) > 100) hardness= 100;
        var my_ref = new ActionReference();
        my_ref.putEnumerated( c2t("Brsh"), c2t("Ordn"), c2t("Trgt") );
        var my_descBrush = new ActionDescriptor();
        my_descBrush.putUnitDouble( s2t("hardness"), c2t("#Pxl"), hardness);
        var my_desc = new ActionDescriptor();
        my_desc.putReference( c2t("null"), my_ref );
        my_desc.putObject( c2t("T   "), c2t("Brsh"), my_descBrush );
        executeAction( c2t("setd"), my_desc, DialogModes.NO );
    selectBrush("Soft Round" );
  • get layer count
    app.activeDocument.layers.length; //<4:>
  • new/delete layer
    activeDocument.activeLayer.kind = LayerKind.TEXT; // make into text layer
    var textItem = activeDocument.activeLayer.textItem;
    textItem.contents = "My Layer is "+"Cool";
    textItem.size = 24;
    textItem.font = "ComicSansMS";
    var newColor = new SolidColor(); = 255; = 255; = 0;
    textItem.color = newColor;
    myTextRef.position = new Array( 20, 80); // percentage from left top
  • rename layer'Test';
  • select layer by name
    activeDocument.activeLayer = activeDocument.artLayers.getByName("layerName");
    // inside a set
    activeDocument.activeLayer = activeDocument.layerSets["LayerSetName"].artLayers.getByName("LayerName"); 
  • layer opacity
    activeDocument.activeLayer.opacity = 85;
  • layer blend mode
    activeDocument.activeLayer.blendMode = BlendMode.MULTIPLY; //BlendMode.SCREEN; BlendMode.NORMAL;
  • toggle layer lock
    activeDocument.activeLayer.allLocked = !activeDocument.activeLayer.allLocked;
  • toggle layer visibility
    activeDocument.activeLayer.visible= !activeDocument.activeLayer.visible;
  • clip mask layer for below
    activeDocument.activeLayer.grouped = 1;
  • check bg layer mode
  • select up,lower,front,back layer
    function selectLayerNav(direction){
        var my_ref = new ActionReference();
        var my_desc = new ActionDescriptor();
        my_ref.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID("Lyr "), charIDToTypeID("Ordn"), charIDToTypeID(direction) );
        my_desc.putReference( charIDToTypeID("null"), my_ref );
        my_desc.putBoolean( charIDToTypeID( "MkVs" ), false );
        executeAction( charIDToTypeID("slct"), my_desc, DialogModes.NO );
    selectLayerNav("Frwr"); //"Frwr", "Bckw", "Frnt", "Back"
  • rasterize layer
    if (activeDocument.activeLayer.kind == LayerKind.NORMAL)
    {activeDocument.activeLayer.rasterize(RasterizeType.ENTIRELAYER);} // art layer with mask
    if (activeDocument.activeLayer.kind == LayerKind.TEXT)
    {activeDocument.activeLayer.rasterize(RasterizeType.TEXTCONTENTS);} // text layer
    if (activeDocument.activeLayer.kind == LayerKind.SOLIDFILL)
    {activeDocument.activeLayer.rasterize(RasterizeType.SHAPE);} // shape layer
  • get all the smart object layer in document
    var result_list = new Array;
    var srcDoc = app.activeDocument;
    var numOfLayers = srcDoc.layers.length;
    for (var i = numOfLayers -1; i >= 0; i--)
        if(srcDoc.layers[i].kind == LayerKind.SMARTOBJECT)
    alert (result_list.join("\n"));
  • new doc file and close
    documents.add(1240, 1754, 72, "Untitled", NewDocumentMode.RGB, DocumentFill.WHITE, 1.00); 
    // <[Document Untitled]:> ; 1240cmx1754cm
    var defaultRulerUnits = preferences.rulerUnits; 
    preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;
    var newDocumentRef = documents.add(800, 600, 72.0, "Plan 800", NewDocumentMode.RGB, DocumentFill.WHITE);
    // for PS CS and PS 7, NewDocumentMode.RGB is DocumentMode.RGB
    preferences.rulerUnits = defaultRulerUnits;
    // 800px, 600px
    newDocumentRef = null;
    while (app.documents.length) {
  • resize doc
    app.activeDocument.resizeImage('150%', '150%');
  • file and folder
    var samplesFolder = Folder(app.path + "/Samples/")
    var fileList = samplesFolder.getFiles()
  • get active doc
    app.activeDocument; //<[Document Untitled]:>
    var docName =; // just name.ext
    fileFullPath = app.activeDocument.fullName; // full path to file
    fileFolderPath = app.activeDocument.path; // full path to parent folder of the file, no end /
    index = (".");		
    fileName = (, index); // file name with ext
  • publishJPG.jsx : save current PSD file as fileName_publish.jpg in same folder
    //ref :
    function saveJPEG( doc, saveFile, qty ) {
         var saveOptions = new JPEGSaveOptions( );
         saveOptions.embedColorProfile = true;
         saveOptions.formatOptions = FormatOptions.STANDARDBASELINE;
         saveOptions.matte = MatteType.NONE;
         saveOptions.quality = qty; 
         doc.saveAs( saveFile, saveOptions, true );
    //saveJPEG( app.activeDocument, new File('~/Desktop/sample.jpg'), 10 );
    var doc = app.activeDocument;
    var docName =;
    docName = docName.match(/(.*)(\.[^\.]+)/) ? docName = docName.match(/(.*)(\.[^\.]+)/):docName = [docName, docName];
    var suffix = '_publish';
    var savedName = decodeURI(doc.path)+'/'+docName[1]+suffix+'.jpg'
    if (! File(savedName).exists ){
         var savedFile = new File(decodeURI(doc.path)+'/'+docName[1]+suffix+'.jpg');
         saveJPEG( app.activeDocument,savedFile, 10 );
  • open folder
    var f = app.activeDocument.path;
    //var f = Folder(Folder.desktop+'/test');
  • run a cmd script
    var file = new File("/D/myFolder/myCmd.bat");
  • run js file, method 1
    // @include "FileIncludeIncluded.jsx"
    // above line is including other file, you need to put // in front.
  • run js file, method 2, note, can not catch result from that file unlike method 1
    var jsx_file = "D:\\Dev\\PyQT\\PyPS\\js_alert.jsx"; // fine
    //var jsx_file = "D:/Dev/PyQT/PyPS/js_alert.jsx"; // fine and prefer for cross-platform
    //var jsx_file = "/D/Dev/PyQT/PyPS/js_alert.jsx"; // fine and photoshop return this
    mydesc = new ActionDescriptor();
    mydesc.putPath(charIDToTypeID("jsCt"),  new File(jsx_file) ); // if the script already list in script menu, then just put the name like "MyScript" to call it instead of new file
    mydesc.putString(charIDToTypeID("jsMs"), "undefined" );
    executeAction( stringIDToTypeID( "AdobeScriptAutomation Scripts" ), mydesc, DialogModes.NO );
  • run py file
    var myPy = new File("/path_to_file/");
  • custom dialog window with button function (note: this \ style of ui code will cause BridgeTalk object method not working.)
    function winRun() { 
        var ui_code = "dialog { \
        text: 'My Window Title', \
        bounds: [100,10,310,100], \
        w_label: StaticText { text:'Width mm', bounds:[10, 5, 70, 25] }, \
        w_input: EditText { text:'100', bounds: [75, 5, 120, 25] }, \
        h_label: StaticText { text:'Height mm', bounds:[10, 30, 70, 50] }, \
        h_input: EditText { text:'200', bounds:[75, 30, 120, 50] }, \
        my_btn: Button { text:'Fun', bounds:[130, 5, 200, 25] }, \
        run_btn: Button { text:'Run', bounds:[130, 30, 200, 50], properties:{name:'ok'}}, \
        quit_btn: Button { text:'Quit', bounds:[130, 55, 200, 75], properties:{name:'cancel'}} \
        var ui = new Window(ui_code); 
        ui.my_btn.onClick = function() {alert("My Function Here");} 
        var result =; 
        alert(result + '\n' + ui.w_input.text + '\n' + ui.h_input.text); 

Window Type - Pallete and Dialog

  • There are 2 window type
    1. pallete (non-modal window, not block user and Application interaction, has close icon on title bar)
      • Note: Photoshop, Illustrator will not keep display it; AfterEffects will keep display it
    2. dialog (modal window, block user and Application interaction, user has to click button to close it)
  • demo script, just change line 2 and line 3 to show the difference of pallete and dialog
    //var win_type = "palette";
    var win_type = "dialog";
    var ui = win_type+" {orientation: 'column',alignChildren: ['fill', 'top'],preferredSize:[300, 130],text: 'Title Here',margins:15,";
      var slider_panel = "slider_panel: Panel {orientation: 'row',alignChildren: 'right',margins:15,text: 'Panel Title',";
          slider_panel +="value_label: StaticText { text: 'Value:' },";
          slider_panel +="value_slider: Slider { minvalue: 1, maxvalue: 100, value: 30, size:[220,20] },";
          slider_panel +="value_edit: EditText { text: '30', characters: 5, justify: 'left'}";
          slider_panel +="}";
      var btm_grp = "btm_grp: Group{";
        btm_grp +="value_check: Checkbox { text:'Checkbox value', value: true },";
        btm_grp +="cancel_btn: Button { text: 'Cancel', properties:{name:'cancel'}, size: [120,24], alignment:['right', 'center'] },";
        btm_grp +="apply_btn: Button { text: 'Apply', properties:{name:'ok'}, size: [120,24], alignment:['right', 'center'] },";
        btm_grp +="}";
      ui +="}";
    var win = new Window(ui);
    win.btm_grp.cancel_btn.onClick = function() { win.close() };
    win.btm_grp.apply_btn.onClick = function() { win.close() };;

Working Float Pallete in Photoshop and Illustrator

  • As mentioned above, Pallete is ideal choice for tool panel design, as dialog prevent main App interaction until close, but Pallete is closed automatically after script code finished, thus we need following solution to work around Pallete limit in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • use BridgeTalk object as message to send to the Application instead ask the Application to create window. so the Message stands as its own thread
  • sample code, change target to your application, the script can be launch from any Adobe app, but only the target will receive it, as it is like a letter with receiver name, all Adobe app will pass the message to the Target.
    function WinObject() {
      var win_type = "palette";
      var ui = win_type+" {orientation: 'column',alignChildren: ['fill', 'top'],preferredSize:[300, 130],text: 'Title Here',margins:15,";
        var slider_panel = "slider_panel: Panel {orientation: 'row',alignChildren: 'right',margins:15,text: 'Panel Title',";
            slider_panel +="value_label: StaticText { text: 'Value:' },";
            slider_panel +="value_slider: Slider { minvalue: 1, maxvalue: 100, value: 30, size:[220,20] },";
            slider_panel +="value_edit: EditText { text: '30', characters: 5, justify: 'left'}";
            slider_panel +="}";
        var btm_grp = "btm_grp: Group{";
          btm_grp +="value_check: Checkbox { text:'Checkbox value', value: true },";
          btm_grp +="cancel_btn: Button { text: 'Cancel', properties:{name:'cancel'}, size: [120,24], alignment:['right', 'center'] },";
          btm_grp +="apply_btn: Button { text: 'Apply', properties:{name:'ok'}, size: [120,24], alignment:['right', 'center'] },";
          btm_grp +="}";
        ui +="}";
      var win = new Window(ui);
      win.btm_grp.cancel_btn.onClick = function() { win.close() };
      win.btm_grp.apply_btn.onClick = function() { win.close() };;
    var message = WinObject.toString();
    message += "\nnew WinObject();"
    var bt = new BridgeTalk();
    // = "aftereffects"; = "photoshop";
    // = "illustrator";
    bt.body = message;
  • thus, BridgeTalk is good solution for inter-Adobe app communication.
    // the BridgeTalk Object
    var bt = new BridgeTalk();
    // the communication target = "photoshop";
    // The script to be executed as a String
    var message = "alert('Hello Photoshop')";
    // assign to the object's body the message
    bt.body = message;
    // send the message to the target app
    bt.send(); // an alert will pop-up in Photoshop

One-For-All solution with BridgeTalk for Working Float Pallete

  • As BridgeTalk is the key for working float pallet, but in a BridgeTalk, the target App is pre-defined in the script, like“Photoshop”, and also the whole script is wrapped in a message,
  • The One-For-All solution is use BridgeTalk to launch existing normal-styped javascript jsx file, so the main function and launcher are separated into 2 files,
  • example code as below
    var script_name = "ui_demo.jsx";
    var currentPath = (new File($.fileName)).path; // retrieve the current script path
    var scriptToLoad = new File (currentPath + "/"+script_name); // the script to load
    try {
        if (!scriptToLoad.exists) { throw new Error("script not found!"); } ("r"); // read only
        var message =;
    } catch (error) {
        alert("Error parsing the file: " + error.description);
    var bt = new BridgeTalk(); = "photoshop";
    bt.body = message;

Special Note for BridgeTalk Method

  • use “\” way of ui coding will cause BridgeTalk method's button callback not working, thus the window resource string can't contain backslashes “\”
  • jsxbin is jsx in binary encoded (which can be exported from jsx in ExtendScript TookKit); the message also can take binary string and embed your script in the BridgeTalk object.
    • example code (\ added for each line from original ui_demo.jsxbin)
      var message = "@JSXBIN@ES@2.0@MyBbyBn0ATJAnASzIjXjJjOifjUjZjQjFByBneHjQjBjMjFjUjUjFftJCnASzCjVj\
      var bt = new BridgeTalk(); = "photoshop";
      bt.body = message;

Python Scripting for Photoshop (win32com and comtypes method for Windows, appscript method for mac)

  • use com similar function with appscript on Mac
    import sys
    psApp = None
        if sys.platform == 'darwin':
            from appscript import *
            psApp = app('Adobe Photoshop CS5')
            from win32com.client import Dispatch
            psApp = Dispatch('Photoshop.Application')
            #import comtypes
            #psApp = comtypes.client.CreateObject('Photoshop.Application')
  • method 1: use Com to Ask Photoshop to run a JSX file, Python + COM + javascript
  • additional support, call python from javascript
    var myPy = new File("/path_to_file/");
  • method 2: Python(Qt) + comtypes/win32com directly call Photoshop built-in API functions (as if it is in Javascript)
  • additional support, convert Photoshop Listener output javascript code to python code
    • python code
      def hueSaturation(hue, saturation, lightness, colorize=False, psApp=None):
          if psApp is None:
              psApp = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch('Photoshop.Application')
          dialogMode = 3
          idHStr = psApp.CharIDToTypeID( "HStr" )
          desc169 = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch( "Photoshop.ActionDescriptor" )
          idpresetKind = psApp.StringIDToTypeID( "presetKind" )
          idpresetKindType = psApp.StringIDToTypeID( "presetKindType" )
          idpresetKindCustom = psApp.StringIDToTypeID( "presetKindCustom" )
          desc169.PutEnumerated( idpresetKind, idpresetKindType, idpresetKindCustom )
          idClrz = psApp.CharIDToTypeID( "Clrz" )
          desc169.PutBoolean( idClrz, colorize )
          idAdjs = psApp.CharIDToTypeID( "Adjs" )
          list27 = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch( "Photoshop.ActionList" )
          desc170 = win32.gencache.EnsureDispatch( "Photoshop.ActionDescriptor" )
          idH = psApp.CharIDToTypeID( "H   " )
          desc170.PutInteger( idH, hue )
          idStrt = psApp.CharIDToTypeID( "Strt" )
          desc170.PutInteger( idStrt, saturation )
          idLght = psApp.CharIDToTypeID( "Lght" )
          desc170.PutInteger( idLght, lightness )
          idHsttwo = psApp.CharIDToTypeID( "Hst2" )
          list27.PutObject( idHsttwo, desc170 )
          desc169.PutList( idAdjs, list27 )
          psApp.ExecuteAction( idHStr, desc169, dialogMode )

Python Scripting for Photoshop (no win32com and comtypes for cross-platform)

  • case 1: with Photopshop JSX open a socket actively and listen to outside calls, while this cost Photoshop hanging there just listening and lose interactivity.
    • no extra library required, since both way use socket communication
    • it support Bridge CS5, InDesign CS5, InCopy CS5, After Effects CS5, Photoshop CS5 and above
    • instruction:
      • open socket in Photoshop first
        // requires photoshop CS5+ and run in Photoshop
        conn = new Socket();
        var keep_serving = true;
        while (keep_serving) {
            if (conn.listen(8123))  // any port
                // wait forever for a connection
                var incoming;
                do incoming = conn.poll();
                while (incoming == null);
                new_cmd =;
                try {
                    if (null != new_cmd) {
                        result =eval(new_cmd);
                        incoming.writeln(result + "\nOK\n");
                    else {
                        incoming.writeln("no command\nFAIL\n");
                catch (err) {
                    incoming.writeln(err + "FAIL\n");
                    delete incoming;
      • call from python next
        import socket
        HOST = ''
        PORT = 8123
        def send_photoshop(msg):
            conn = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
            result = conn.recv(4096)
            return result
        send_photoshop("alert('Got it');")
        send_photoshop("keep_serving = false;") #stop the server
  • case 2: with leaving photoshop alone, and outside connect to photoshop with password.
    • required cs5.5+ server connect (edit menu > remote connection in Photoshop checked), since Photoshop CS 5.5, it has remote connection server built-in inside photoshop
    • extra library required because of encrypted connection
    • instruction
      # get pyps module in photoshopConnection for connect function to PS from
      # get pbkdf2 module support encrypted TCP connection for above from
      import sys
      path = 'pathToThatModule/photoshopConnection'
      path in sys.path or sys.path.append(path)
      path = 'pathToThatModule/pbkdf2-1.3'
      path in sys.path or sys.path.append(path)
      from pyps import Connection, EventListener, ConnectionError
      c = Connection()
      #c.connect('ps_password', '') # optional remote photoshop server on other computer
      c.connect('123456') # when you set password in photoshop as 123456 
      c.send_sync(';') # need ; for each end command
      res = c.send_sync('app.activeDocument.artLayers.add();') # <[ArtLayer Layer 2]:>
      res = c.send_sync("'Remote layer';") # <Test:>
      # it also have listerner feature, which keep listening how what Photoshop do
  • case 3: jsx file passing method for any Photoshop version v7.0+ or any adobe app with javascript support (no need remote server feature)
    • I improved based on this user case: (for win and mac, eg app using this like Quixel's dDo))
    • system command to ask Photoshop run a jsx file
      photoshop.exe "pathToScript/my_script.jsx" # win
      open -b com.adobe.Photoshop --args "pathToScript/my_script.jsx" # mac
    • python code
      by ying: 2016.11.22
      note: make sure you have these empty 2 files next to it,
      "process.jsx" and "process_output.txt"
      def ps_loc_win():
          import _winreg
          regKey = _winreg.OpenKey(_winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App Paths\\Photoshop.exe")
          regPath = _winreg.QueryValueEx(regKey, 'Path')[0] + 'Photoshop.exe'
          return regPath
      def readFormatFile(file):
          with open(file) as f:
              txt =
          return txt
      def writeFormatFile(txt, file):    
          with open(file, 'w') as f:
      import subprocess # for call Photoshop exe
      import os # for file read and process
      import sys # for os detection
      import time # for timer to check file
      def ps_cmd(cmd_txt, timer=1):
          location = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
          jsx_file = os.path.join(location, "process.jsx")
          result_file = os.path.join(location, "process_output.txt")
          # step 1: record old result date
          old_output_timestamp = os.path.getmtime(result_file)
              var output_file = new File('{0}'); 
              if(typeof result !== "undefined") output_file.writeln(String(result));
              else output_file.writeln("");
          writeFormatFile(txt, jsx_file)
          # step 2: process cmd
          if sys.platform in ['win32','win64']:
              ps_loc = ps_loc_win()
              subprocess.Popen(ps_loc+" "+jsx_file)
          elif sys.platform == 'darwin':
              subprocess.Popen('open -b com.adobe.Photoshop --args "{0}"'.format(jsx_file))
          # step 3: wait and get result
          timeout = time.time() + 60*timer  # default 1 minutes from now
          while True:
              if time.time() > timeout:
                  print("Time Out after 1 minute and no change on result file.")
              cur_output_timestamp = os.path.getmtime(result_file)
              if cur_output_timestamp > old_output_timestamp:
                  print("Result completed.")
          if cur_output_timestamp > old_output_timestamp:
              return readFormatFile(result_file)
              return None
      # actual test example, code below can be removed
      def main():
          my_cmd = """
'Pass by jsx';
          result = app.activeDocument.layers.length;
          result = "layer_count:"+result;
          my_result = ps_cmd(my_cmd)
      if __name__ == "__main__":
  • the quick ui tool with, which can be downloaded as package here:
    • here is screenshot

Advanced Javascript Scripting for Photoshop

Quick Introduction

  • Javascript Scripting in Photoshop is introduced in Photoshop 7, however Photoshop 5-7 support COM script
    • it is based on javascript 1.5 (2000) and new featured added, so modern javascript functions may not included.
  • Javascript is cross-platform but is control Photoshop only, unlike VBscript and AppleScript controls any AppleEvents or windows COM supported application.
    • For com, it is like
      app = createObject("Photoshop.Application.versionNum")
  • ref:
  • variable type
    • string, number, boolean, null, object, undefined
  • variable store
    • value, object reference
  • other
    • command and methods

Advance scripting Start Kit

    • a javascript standard library to get modern javascript functions and extras for photoshop functions
    • a console to test script: JShell
    • a list of utility to convert Photoshop asssets

Additional Option for custom panel in Photoshop

  • for cs3 till cs6, the flash panel is supported, but it won't work in CC since they move into html5,
  • for cs5 and above, the Plug-ins\Panels is there for plugin panels, then the Windows > Extension to show the panels


  • so conclusion, if you are not stuck with old technology, and you willing to move to adobe CC version, HTML5 is the way to go for all new techs instead of Python fighting into adobe apps.

Update 2022:

UXP feature:

  • modern JS, new File API
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