Impact of Photo Format

  • The size of photo sensor/film format has biggest impact on lens size and weight

Example Comparison Chart

Name format equivalent FL length diameter, filter weight min focal distance
Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 m43,2x 70-200mm 100mm 67mm, 58mm 360g 0.85m
DA 50-135mm f2.8 1.5x 75-200mm 135mm 77mm, 67mm 765g 1m
A 70-210mm f4 1x 70-210mm 149mm 72mm, 58mm 680g 1.2m
tamron 70-200mm f2.8 1x 70-200mm 194mm 90mm, 77mm 1150g 0.95m
Panasonic 100-400mm m43,2x 200-800mm 172mm 83mm, 72mm 985g 1.3m
tamron 150-600mm 1x,1.5x 225-900mm 258mm 106mm, 95mm 1951g 2.7m
sigma 150-500mm 1x,1.5x 225-750mm 252mm 95mm, 86mm 1780g 2.2m
DFA 150-450mm 1x,1.5x 225-675mm 241mm 95mm, 86mm 2000g 2m

Video Format

  • CinemaDNG, digital negatives of individual frame of recorded video
  • ProRes, a FinalCut editor friendly format made by Apple
    • ProRes4444, for 12bit 5k, 4k and 2k lower video wrapper
    • ProRes422, for 10-bit 4k, 2k, HD source video wrapper
      • HQ, 147-220Mb/s
      • LT, 100Mb/s
      • SD, 42-63 Mb/s
      • Proxy, 36Mb/s
    • ProRes422, for 8/10-bit FHD or HD source video wrapper
    • ProResSQ, for compressed codec wrapper
  • DNxHD, a Avid editor friendly format made by Avid
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