Quick Shortcut Reference

max panel `
toggle multi-track 8
play stop space
loop ctrl+L
navigation hand
left channel up
right channel down
zoom in/out +/-
zoom in/out vertically alt+ +/-
jump to start/end Home/End
jump to pre/next mark ctrl+left/right, ctrl+alt+ left/right
always play from start shift+X
nudge left/right alt + ;/'
move V
split ctrl+K
add mark m, *
rename mark /
delete all mark ctrl+alt+0
delete selected mark ctrl+0
select all ctrl+A
deselect ctrl+shift+A
select by frequency F
select by free G
select by square R
toggle snap S
crop ctrl + T
cut ctrl + X
mix paste ctrl+shift+V
shift+backspace ripple delete
undo ctrl+z
redo ctrl+shift+z
repeat last shift+R, ctrl+R
capture noise profile shift+P

Common Task

  • required CC and above
    • noise reduction > learn sound model
      • tip: make sure capture a pure noise without any other sound in the selection
    • noise reduction > sound removal
      • save out the that sound model for re-use in other similar sound removal task
      • try default preset first
      • if still left a bit noise sound, try enable noise suppression, and increase a bit
      • Case Study 1: complex noise in complex content
        • try high frequency noise preset and add a bit suppression
  • required AU cc 2015.1 and above
    1. bring sound into a multi-track, and select that clip
    2. under property tab panel > remix section, click Enable Remix, then set the new duration to let it generate
    3. export the edited clip out
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