Faster and More Tabs in Firefox

  1. use 64bit firefox, and make sure you got more RAM like 16GB or more
  2. Check current Firefox status
    1. check current RAM memory usage by url link:
    2. check current Disk cache usage by url link:
  3. Use More RAM for Speed: as we know RAM is way faster than Disk, so disable Disk cache and use RAM cache only
    # click ok, and search for browser.cache; double click follow entry to make sure set as following
    browser.cache.disk.enable == > false
    browser.cache.memory.enable == > true
    # change or create following entry by right click on that page, pop-up menu > New > Integer
    browser.cache.memory.capacity ==> -1

Firefox Customize

  • make open tab into background tab by default
    • go link about:config, set to true when type
  • hide suggestion in address bar
    • go setting > privacy panel, in “Address Bar - When using the address bar, suggest”, uncheck all
  • disable private mode: Private Begone addon
    REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Mozilla\Firefox /v DisablePrivateBrowsing /t REG_DWORD /d 1

Run mutiple version of firefox on same machine

Manual plug-in Flash Player

For Linux,

  • download
  • put it under ./plugins
  • restart firefox

For Windows,

  • put NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt in ./plugins (which is located at c:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\)

Good Firefox Android Add-ons

Good Firefox Add-ons

Productivity Related
wider chatgpt
Url to QrCode
enable right click
copy all your Tab urls copy from tabs:
paste to tabs:
(outdate) copy Tab URLs: ( legacy version)
bookmark tool multirow bookmark:
Tab management One Tab
Tab-Mix-Plus for multiple row tabs (its Option > Display > tab bar : when not fit = multiple row)
multiple-tab-handler - multiple tab selection and operation
TileTabs side by side tab view with optional sync scroll
Duplicate Tab blocker
additional ref:
Page zipper
Download Related
Video Download helper
xtreme downloader app + browser extension
DownThemAll(Batch Downloader)
Multithreaded Download Manager
(multi server connections)
Technical Related
SQLite Manager (sql datebase editor)
page overwrite tool firebug:
show Page IP
simple url blocker
(works on Firefox for Android)
a regex based site blocker addon for firefox, it will stop you to visit site matching the regex you defined
regex example, as it use “;” to seperate each block rules.

basically above will block any site with url contains SiteNameA or SiteNameB

AdBlock Plus
anti anti-adblock extension
Element Hiding Helper for ABP
Image block toggle
JS switch
Web2Img Awesome Screenshot Plus:
japanese learning
kitsune (firefox japanese input method)
rikaichan (firefox japanese dictionary)
  • some website just to distracting with its content, here are some useful blocking code for some parts of content-pushing sites
    • youtube recommand list on front page and side panel

Useful Bookmarklet

Firefox Javascript Console

  • run javascipt command: just type javascript in the console from Inspect Panel (Press Esc key to toggle console display)
    • example of show a element from console
      document.getElementById("show").style.display = "block";
    • example of click a button by finding it through class name
    • example of reload a page
    • example of nest query a content
      text = document.getElementById('shared_download').getElementsByTagName("p")[0].innerHTML;
      print('\n'+text.split(" ")[1]+'\n'+text.split(" ")[3]+'\n');

Download Tips

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