Intro to Host Godaddy

  • What is a “host”?
    • Ok, a web host is a online network drive with partial function of desktop OS
      • these common functions includes command console application, webpage server application, ftp server application, email server application, database server application
  • What is “web system” or “web application”?
    • Ok, a so-called “web application” like “Wordpress” blog web system, or like a Forum web system, is a package of dynamic web pages, and they are served (presented) by your host's webpage server application
    • so technically speaking, “Wordpress” like “web system” or “web application” are not technically a desktop software, they are web page creation recipe for the webpage server application on your host to generate those html pages with data from database server application
  • What is “Wix” like web application?
    • those “Wix” like websites are more like a host with fixed wix web system. so you can't put wordpress web system on the wix host, as they are provided as like a fix bundle of host network drive with servers with wix web system;
    • however, wix system will provide all those features like wordpress, forum with extra feature extension fee.
  • What is simple difference between “Godaddy like” web host and “Wix like” bundle host
    • like “wix”, “squarespace” and etc, they are more like iPhone 1st generation, you can only have Apple made app on iPhone.
    • while like “godaddy”, “bluehost” and etc, they is more like a diy-assemble pc, you are provided with a blank pc without any software, only a DOS like Operating system.

Godaddy - Domain setting

  • domain transfer into godaddy
    • Account name > (drop down menu) Go Shop;
    • in top main, click Domain > (sub menu) Domain Transfer tool
    • search the old domain name (you need to unlock old domain on old reg site and get EPP code)
    • do the step to initial transfer
    • Check result: go My Account > Domains > (sub menu) Transfer to check result

Godaddy cPanel Email and Login

webmail access in browser

  • the cPanel email login link is:
  • if you have not add ssl to your host and domain, then click add Exception and understand risk and proceed to access it.

Email Client on Desktop

  • the best and free email client is:
  • as it auto detect the email income and outgoing server setting from dns, and use IMAP as access method

Mobile Client

  • record down your income server in cPanel email configure page,
  • and choose Other type email in email account setup option, and use IMAP access method, then type all the information in setup process
    • Note: “user name”, “account name”, “email” all means your full email address in the process

End or Remove Product

  • If you don't want to use the product and cancel the payment
    • go manage of domain or hosting, click cancel or remove product.
    • you will get a email on owner's email address