Intro to Host Godaddy

  • What is a “host”?
    • Ok, a web host is a online network drive with partial function of desktop OS
      • these common functions includes command console application, webpage server application, ftp server application, email server application, database server application
  • What is “web system” or “web application”?
    • Ok, a so-called “web application” like “Wordpress” blog web system, or like a Forum web system, is a package of dynamic web pages, and they are served (presented) by your host's webpage server application
    • so technically speaking, “Wordpress” like “web system” or “web application” are not technically a desktop software, they are web page creation recipe for the webpage server application on your host to generate those html pages with data from database server application
  • What is “Wix” like web application?
    • those “Wix” like websites are more like a host with fixed wix web system. so you can't put wordpress web system on the wix host, as they are provided as like a fix bundle of host network drive with servers with wix web system;
    • however, wix system will provide all those features like wordpress, forum with extra feature extension fee.
  • What is simple difference between “Godaddy like” web host and “Wix like” bundle host
    • like “wix”, “squarespace” and etc, they are more like iPhone 1st generation, you can only have Apple made app on iPhone.
    • while like “godaddy”, “bluehost” and etc, they is more like a diy-assemble pc, you are provided with a blank pc without any software, only a DOS like Operating system.

Godaddy - Domain setting

  • offsite DNS hosting
    • basic use domain registered at other place on godaddy
    • steps
      1. Domain Manager Page: DNS menu > Add DNS Hosting
      2. put the domain name, then it shows nameservers, put that name servers into that domain nameserver setting on the registered site.
      3. then, that domain will show as available on godaddy domain section, and ready for related domain settings
  • domain transfer into godaddy
    • Account name > (drop down menu) Go Shop;
    • in top main, click Domain > (sub menu) Domain Transfer tool
    • search the old domain name (you need to unlock old domain on old reg site and get EPP code)
    • do the step to initial transfer
    • Check result: go My Account > Domains > (sub menu) Transfer to check result

Godaddy cPanel Email and Login

webmail access in browser

  • the cPanel email login link is:
  • if you have not add ssl to your host and domain, then click add Exception and understand risk and proceed to access it.

Email Client on Desktop

  • the best and free email client is:
  • as it auto detect the email income and outgoing server setting from dns, and use IMAP as access method

Mobile Client

  • record down your income server in cPanel email configure page,
  • and choose Other type email in email account setup option, and use IMAP access method, then type all the information in setup process
    • Note: “user name”, “account name”, “email” all means your full email address in the process

In addition to cPanel email, godaddy also have paid pro email and office365 email, go shop and find office365, the top tab will show price for each of the options:

For office365 email, since each main email cost money, you may add alias for main email like info@ or contact@ to catch email to main email for free:

End or Remove Product

  • If you don't want to use the product and cancel the payment
    • go manage of domain or hosting, click cancel or remove product.
    • you will get a email on owner's email address

Problem and Solution

  • Problem: contact form 7 can send to other email box, but not its own hosting Office 365 email
  • Solution:
    1. go cPanel, Email Routing/(old Email MX),
    2. choose the @domain for the email address
    3. change from local mail exchange (default for godaddy free cPanel email) to remote mail exchange (since office 365 is remote)
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