Touch Screen laptop

  • one problem of touch screen laptop is, once touch screen malfunction, you have to fight its way to disable it, even during OS installation process.

Rubber type of buttons

  • rubber will fall off after 3-5 years of use
  • like sony wi-c300 earphone button, 3 buttons are designed as 1 piece of rubber cover, once fall off, all button gone
  • hard plastic individual buttons are the way to go, like wi-c400

Device with cables

  • cables, if got move around often, may fail
  • try use wireless as much as possible, physical wear out faster than electronics.

Printer with Dust Trap Line Skips

  • Printer without enclosed paper drawer is expose to dust with the paper feeding tray, either from back or front opening

Bluetooth Speaker Fails

  • generally, bluetooth speaker with built-in battery may experience weak battery after 1 year +
  • most bluetooth may not have aux input, means direct audio input cable connect (which is useful for connect non-bluetooth audio output device)
  • speaker is all about output Walt, for reference
    • yamaha shs-300 speaker is: 0.7W
    • casio CT-S300 speaker is: 2.5W+2.5W
    • Dell S2421H built-in speaker: 3W
    • anker soundcore motion b (has aux in): 6w+6w
    • anker soundcore select 2: 16W
    • anker soundcore boost: 10w+10w
    • anker soundcore motion+ (has aux in): 30W
    • jbl flip 5: 20w
    • jbl flip 6: 30w
    • jbl charge 4 (aux in): 30w
    • jbl charge 5: 40w
    • jbl xtreme 3 (aux in): 25w+25w+25w+25w
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