Basic Theory Test Lesson

Traffic Sign Purpose:

  • regulate traffic flow
  • warn road hazards
  • provide info and direction

Traffic Sign Type:

  • mandatory and prohibitory sign: circle shape (e-learn scope)
  • warning sign: triangle
  • regulatory and info sign: square
only turn right
only turn left
\\ only ahead
1> ahead only turn right
<1 ahead only turn left
split either way, for island
/ you see that, turn left
stop must full stop, then continue (basically a force slow down)
stop children same as stop, but for people cross
give way you are low priority on road now, mainly before you to join a big road
Left turn on Red light
stop at red light, give people cross, give way to “from right”, clear go
normally at those cheap road without turn corner road
- no entry , simple
x no stop, go go go
no wait, but can get on off
\\\→ no right turn
\\\← no left turn
>2.3m< slim car only
V 4.5m \\ height cut off
10ton weight cut off
70 top speed limit
no horn
2 car \
no overtaking
no truck
no 3x wheels
no bike
no cycle
( take note, right bend, should slow, no overtake / u turn / stop since warn
) take note, left bend, should slow, no overtake / u turn / stop since warn
N take note, super bend, slow, keep LEFT, no overtake / u turn / stop since warn
+ cheap cross road, slow and watch
T cheap T road, slow, GIVE WAY to left and right since you are T
like T, but you OUT PART are from side road, slow and WATCH
like T, but you IN PART from side road, slow and WATCH
Y tilt T, lol, slow and watch incoming from left to your right
YY you are Y, then slow and watch both side
merging traffic, slow, and watch left
Z why the hell, make it pipe like straight, slow and watch left right
\\V 2 way traffic, slow, keep left
road narrow, slow, no overtake / u turn / stop
\\\\ lane merging, slow
n dual carriage way ends, slow and keep left
o round about, slow, stop and give way to “right”
ooo light sign ahead
empty 20m ahead, broken car there, slow and watch broken car
accident popular hit zoon, slow, carefully
worker road work ahead, slow, no overtake or park
slippery slow
bumpPP uneven road, slow, no overtake
bump hump ahead, slow , left, no overtake
hill steep up, left, lower gear, no overtake / u-turn / park
hill down steep down, left, lower gear, no overtake / u turn / park
drop river road to quay river, slow, road end
people,kid,old cross cross ahead, slow, stop for people
bar,train railway crossing, slow
ERP cash pay, make sure your money there
express way expressway, certain car no allowed
  • purpose of reg-info-dir sign (square shape)
    • regulate car movements for better safety and traffic
    • area usage
    • show advanced direction
reduce speed now reduce speed
speed check area must drive within speed limit here
keep left unless overtaking must be narrow road, keep left
««< sharp turn left, slow down bro
barrier, slow down, and careful
  • after induction, book practical lesson (must pass eye-test first), book basic theory
  • 4x trial session test > online theory lesson > internal evaluation test [must] > basic theory > book provisional driving licene
  • 4 final e-trial session > online theory > internal evaluation [must] > final theory (level 2 )
  • module 1: > book VPC (vehicular pre operative checks)
    • induction program
    • lesson 2: move
  • module 2: right turn subject > book LDCS (learner driver competency screen)
  • module 3:
    • book 5 practice lesson > book simulator x3
  1. Induction Program (Familiarization of Vehicle, Pre-operative procedures, Starting & Stopping the engine)
  2. Moving Off And Stopping (Auto) + Steering Wheel Control
  3. Braking (Auto)
  4. Blindspots
  5. Kerbside Stopping And Moving Off
  6. Driving Through Junctions (Auto)
  7. Narrow Courses (S And Crank)
  8. Slope / Gradient
  9. Familiarization Driving
  10. Obeissance
  11. Lane Change
  12. Negotiating Right Turn
  13. U-Turn
  14. Vehicular Pre-Operative Checks
  15. Reversing (Auto)
  16. Directional Change
  17. Reversing Parking
  18. Parallel Parking
  19. Reaction Response
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