Megazoom compact camera - (so-called bridge camera, semi-pro compact)

Fuji HS20 vs DSLR shootout: (check this for your decision making)

  • Featuring from Macro to Telephoto, superzoom compact camera is a all-in-one solution and cheap alternative to DSLR interchangable cameras.
  • As my 2nd digital camera, Sony H1, it brings most fun for my photographing experience.
  • It provides everything you need and it is cheaply avaible comparing to double priced DSLR
  • It has light weight around 500g for all the focal length range (Canon 50x superzoom covering 24-1200mm or 24-600 f2.8 constant), macro almost to 1:2 (in terms of 135 format), and even more than 1:1 macro with a simple 100 dollar macro-convertor)
  • It has more than good enough image quality and enough resolution
  • If you need me to point bad thing about super-zoom cameras for everyday use, that is,

The pre-history of photography technology:

1975Kodak invented the first digital still camera, 100×100 pixel
1981Sony Mavica camera the first commercial “electronic still camera”, not digital
1991The KODAK Professional Digital Camera System (DCS) was introduced, DSC-100 (1.3MP)
1995 nothing was there but Kadok Professional digital camera DSLRs - DCS-series Kodak DCS560
1996 f s Canon 600
Olympus D-300L
n f p Casio QV-300
1997 f s c Olympus D-600L
n Fuji DS300
p c
1998 f Sony D700
c o Nikon 900
f p C
1999 f Sony D770
F505 (2MP,5x)
Canon Pro70
Olympus C2000Z
Nikon 950
Fuji MX2900
p Casio QV8000SX
2000 f s c Olympus C-3030Z Nikon 990
f p C
2001 f Sony F707
Canon Pro90
Olympus C3040Z
Nikon 995
f p C
2002 f Sony F717
c o n f p C
2003 Fuji S7000
Sony F828
c o n Fuji S5000
p C
2004 Fuji S20 Pro
s Canon Pro1
S1IS (3MP,10x)
Konica Z2
Nikon 8700
Fuji S5100
Panasonic FZ20
FZ3 (3MP,12x)
2005 Panasonic FZ30 Sony H1
Canon S2IS
Konica Z6
Nikon 8800
Fuji S9000
Panasonic FZ5
Samsung Pro815
2006 Panasonic FZ50 (10MP,12x)
Fuji S6000fd
Sony H5
Canon S3IS
- - Fuji S9100
Panasonic FZ7
(6MP, 12x)
2007 Fuji IS-1
Sony H9
Canon S5IS
Olympus SP-560UZ
- Fuji S8000fd
Panasonic FZ18
2008 Fujifilm S100fs
Sony H50
Canon SX1 IS
SX10IS (10MP,20x)
Olympus SP-570UZ
Nikon P80
Fuji S8100fd
Panasonic FZ28
Casio ProEX-F1
Casio EX-FH20
2009 Fuji S200Exr
Sony HX1
Canon SX20IS
Olympus SP-590UZ
Nikon P90
Pentax X70
Panasonic FZ35
Casio EX-FH25
Samsung HZ25W
2010 Fuji HS10
s Canon SX30IS
Olympus SP-800UZ
Nikon P100
Pentax X90
Panasonic FZ100
Samsung HZ50W
2011 Fuji HS20Exr
Sony HX100v
Fuji S4000
Olympus SP810UZ
Nikon P500
c Panasonic FZ150
(12MP CMOS,24x,25-600)
Panasonic FZ48
(12MPccd, 24x)
2012Fuji X-S1
(12MP,1/1.5' CMOS,25x,24-624)
Fuji HS30Exr
(30x,24-720,ring) HS25 (AA)
Sony HX200v
Canon SX50 HS
Canon SX500 IS
Olympus SP820UZ
Nikon P510
(41.7x, 24-1000)
Pentax X-5
Panasonic FZ200
(24x,25-600 f2.8)
2013 Fuji HS50Exr (808g)
SL1000 (50x,24-1200)
Sony HX300v
Sony RX10
(8x, 24-200 f2.8,
1“sensor, ring)
C Olympus Stylus 1 (402g)
(10.7×,28-300 f2.8,12MP,1/1.7))
Nikon P520
(41.7x, 24-1000)
Panasonic FZ70
(60x, 20-1200)
2014 Fuji S1 (680g)
Sony HX400V (660g)
Canon SX60HS (650g)
Olympus SP100 (594g)
Nikon P600 (565g)
Panasonic FZ1000
2015 f s c Olympus Stylus 1s (402g)
(10.7×,28-300 f2.8,12MP,1/1.7))
Nikon P900 (899g)
Nikon P610 (565)
Panasonic FZ300 (691g)
(24×,25-600 f2.8,12MP,4K)
Pentax XG-1 (567g)
2016 f s c o n Panasonic FZ2500
2017 f s c o n Panasonic FZ80 (616g) \ (20 – 1200,18MP,4K)
2018 f s Canon SX70HS (608g)
o Nikon P1000 (1415g)
2020 f s c o Nikon P950 (1005g)
(83.3×,24-2000 mm,16MP,4K)

Kodak, Ricoh also have powerful super zoom since the old 1990s days, but seems not so competitive in 2010s, that's why not listed in my research.

Above zoom are all Optical Zoom, not digital fake zoom. of course, with digital zoom in addition, you can achieve more zoom power

Nikon P900 Good in good hands but not for pro:
Panasonic FZ300 Good when video but not smooth zoom video action:
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