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My wish camera watch list in 2013

  • forget about X-S1, we already have HS50EXR with 24-1200mm range (2013.06)
  • (2013.8) I cut down my lens collect to 2 already and with one DSLR, one film MF SLR, and one medium format with 2 big lens (2kg for the combo)
  • (2013.8) My thoughts about current superzoom compact camera vs. DSLR with 70-300mm zoom lens
    • current FZ200 already has very good image quality comparing to other tops, but it is just as good as 1MP information in terms of APSC DSLR image quality resolution.
    • APSC DSLR with a 300mm zoom,that is 450mm equivalent already, and half the resolution to crop into 1.5x digital zoomed 600mm equivlent
    • DSLR even at f8, it still have better light catch, with ISO 400-800, while compact camera never good enough above iso100;
    • so APSC DSLR with 300mm zoom is still a better and cheaper and more valuable option to go.

My wish camera watch list in 2012

  • forget about Fuji HS20Exr, let us wait for the new Fuji X-S1 (2012.04)
    1. new bigger sensor 2/3“ sensor, much bigger than HS20Exr's 1/2” sensor, even very big in the premium super compact camera lineup
    2. solid zoom: 24-624mm f2.8-5.3 (my 400mm prime is just f5.6), a little shorter than the old 24-720mm f2.8-5.6,
    3. (but given the sensor size, this 100mm shorter is ok, while at 700mm not a usual task any way, as you have digital zoom)
    4. similar body design, but this means better quality and built, almost best bridge camera in Fuji's bridge lineup through its history


  • (2012) my current lens setup (with 8 lens) only covers from 28mm-600mm, and 6 of them is over 400g, and some to 1.2kg, plus my DSLR body, that is 1kg to 1.6kg, not to mention the lens change trouble
  • this is a life saver after my 2nd camera, Sony H1, 12x zom from 36-432mm f2.8-3.7 (I am now even impressed how fast this old camera used to be, f3.7 at 432mm end)

My wish camera watch list in 2011 (wait for 2012 new camera)

Back in 2003, when I got my first digital camera, it was amazing that that 3MP camera could take 640×480 video, that 20min video on a 128MB memory card, and people were just so happy about the features.

In 2005, I got my second digital camera with 12x optic zoom, 5MB, and it also can 640×480 video, and now with 1GB memory card, it was really a camrecoder, although video cam at that time took at 720×540 resolution I guess.

In 2007, when my friend got his first DSLR, 10MP, it was surprising to me that, such a expensive camera could not record video clips, and it was so heavy compared to compact camera, (also at that time, there was no Live view for DSLR yet, so you couldn't see what image was going to look like on LCD screen). Only good thing was the bright optic viewfinder on it. Then I wished if there was a DLRS that can take video, I properly will buy one.

In 2010, if you looked at that market, tons of DLRS had feature of recording HD 1920×1080 video clip, so I confused, and I wished the DSLR camera could be getting smaller and get more zooming power. While, that would cost me 5 times over my budget, so I said DSLR was not for me.

In 2011, I got my 3rd camera, a 2nd hand Pentax K-x with DAL 18-55mm at 475 SGD, with 75SGD M50mm f1.7 and 100SGD M200mmf4 + 2x ext.
So totally 650SGD, just hit my budget, with 720p video capability and a reach of equiv. 200x2x1.5=600mm. That is all I need.

Camera with AA battery support is one feature I like, since AA battery keep the Camera alive for ever. Longer zoom and 1080p is my key favor for my next camera. However, some people like Li-ion battery, then go for it, Li-ion is not bad i mean as it provides lighter weight for same power.

  • FujiFilm HS20EXR about$700SGD (2011.03.05): (super zoom) replacing current HS10 (2010.04) in 2011, with the AA battery. It has 16MP, 30x zoom with manual zoom ring and manual focus ring. heaviest among all bridge camera at 730g. but it has tons of buttons for quick setting access with dial.
  • Sony cyper-shot HX100v about $600SGD (2011.04.01): (super zoom) replacing current 20x HX1 (2009), HX100v feathers all feathers availabe, 1080i60, 16MP cmos, 30x zoom (27-810mm), and what is more, it has built-in GPS and compass, and it does have a manual focus ring (combo with zoom function AF from button switch); It use Li-on battery if that's you want
  • Panasonic FZ150 25-600mm f2.8-5.2 (2011.08): quite good as well with its 24x zoom
  • Nikon P500, about $500SGD (2011.03.01): (super zoom) replacing current P100, it has 12MP, feather highest zoom power of 36x (22.5-810mm), it has 1080p30, no GPS built-in,Li-ion powered, light weight, and it doesn't have manual focus ring, but it has a Manual focus tuner button on the lens side, (combo with zoom function which switchable from menu setting)
  • Canon 600D about $1100SGD (2011.02): (DSLR) replacing 550D (2010.02) good with specs for HD video-graphy, like swivel 1040k dot LCD, same 18MP sensor
  • Pentax “k-r” with 720p about$800SGD: (DSLR)(2011.09), but good DSLR camera with AA battery and wide-range of cheap lens support

Sensor Size of cameras

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