• otamaone has many size, all share same tone range except some tiny ones
    • Low: E2 - C4 (from guitar 6th string to 2nd string)
    • Mid: D3# - C6 (guitar 4th strong to 1st string very end)
    • high: D5# - C8 (guitar 1string 11th fret to beyond)

  • what size
    • the regular one use 3xAAA, about 27cm tall, sound loud enough for friend close sharing, more like a toy fit into a school bag.
    • the deluxe one use 3x AA, about 44cm tall, about size of a ukulele without head, sound pretty loud and it has aux output to speakers, like those wireless speaker with aux in. has strap hook and feel like real instrument, need its own carrier

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