Guitar note and range

Special Notes:

  •  all string are 5 semitone apart except between string G3 and B3, which is only 4 semitone apart, which just because easy to finger press chords in that tune.

Guitar Choice


size age
full size 100 x 38cm = 39in 11+
3/4 size 92 x 34cm =36in 8-11
1/2 size 86 x 30cm = 33in 5-8
1/4 size 77 x 27cm = 30in 4-6
violin 60 x 20cm
ukulele - soprano 53 x 16cm =21in
ukulele - concert 58 x 20cm
ukulele - tenor 66 x 23cm
ukulele - baritone 76 x 25cm


Nylon string (Spanish) Classical
Steel string (Western) Gypsy - Jazz
Acoustic Bass
12 string
Hawaiian lap steel

Electronic Guitar Setup

Guitar to Computer Connection with “Guitar Link” hardware

  1. Install latest “Guitar Rig 5 Player” or newer (a free guitar amplifier software) from here, and register a free serial number by a real email:
  2. install universal ASIO driver for the hardware
  3. Connect the guitar cable to the hardware, and connect hardware USB to computer
  4. Configure Guitar Rig Player's audio in and out
    1. in “Audio and MIDI settings” panel
      1. driver : ASIO
      2. Device: ASIO4ALL v2, and click “ASIO config” button to setup the drive
        1. configure the ASIO driver in its own app window
          1. Switch on: “C-Media USB headphone Set” and its in and out
          2. Switch on your Headphone plugin audio device (in picture, HD audio device for my case)
      3. Rounting tab:
        1. Inputs: Guitar Rig 5 in L: 3: USB headphone set 1
        2. Inputs: Guitar Rig 5 in R: 4: USB headphone set 2
        3. Outputs: Guitar Rig 5 Out L: 9: HD Audio HDMI out 1 (for my case with my headphone plugin my monitor)
        4. Outputs: Guitar Rig 5 Out L: 10: HD Audio HDMI out 2

interesting music lessons

Guitar channel

Music Reference Site


Guitar study

back side
African Blackwood
Cocobolo Ziricote Quilted Pommele Sapele Granadillo
Macassar Ebony or Mun Ebony 乌木
Bocote Quilted African Pommele Bubinga
Flamed African Bubinga African Padouk Honduran Rosewood
Quilted Big Leaf Maple Birdseye Maple
Flame Maple Indian Rosewood Black Walnut Quarter-Sawn Mahogany
Adirondack Spruce European Spruce Torrefied Sitka Spruce Redwood
Lutz Spruce Carpathian Spruce
Englemann Spruce Sitka Spruce Western Red Cedar
material top back+side neck fingerboard tune body depth string length
c340, c350 (50)
c40,II spruce Meranti Nato Rosewood chrome 94-100 650
c70 spruce Meranti Nato Rosewood gold 94-100 650
c80 spruce Nato Nato Rosewood gold 94-100 650
cg192-102scmfh solid Spruce/cedar,102 nosolid Rosewood/Cypress/Ovankol/Nato mahogany/nato ebony/Rosewood/Walnut gold/chrome 94-100 650
cg201s solid spruce top solid mahogany
gc82-12sc solid spruce/solid cedar solid Rosewood/solid mahogany cedro/mahogany ebony gold> 94-100 650
GL1 spruce local local Rosewood chrome 70 433
cgs102a (1/2) spruce local local Rosewood chrome 80-84 535
cgs103a (3/4) spruce local local Rosewood chrome 84-88 580
cs40,II (3/4) spruce local local Rosewood chrome 84-88 580
cgs104a (4/4) spruce local local Rosewood chrome 94-100 650
cg110a (4/4) (30)
walden n550 (50) (n=Natura series) Solid Spruce Mahogany Mahogany Rosewood gold
walden n570 (100)
walden n2030 (300) solid wr cedar solid ind rosewood mahogany rosewood full size
material top back+side neck fingerboard body depth string length
LL56-16-6 (L,S,J) solid eng spruce are solid indian rosewood, 6=nosolid mahogany+rosewood ebony/rosewood 100-120 650
A5-3-1rm (A,AC) solid sitka spruce are solid rosewood/Mahogany,1-noslold African Mahogany 3ply ebony/rosewood 100-129
APX1200-600 solid spruce, 600-nosolid solid rosewood/maple/nato/local african mahogany/nato/local ebony/rosewood 80-90 650
CPX1200-600 solid spruce,nonsolid solid rosewood, maple/nato/local african mahogany/nato ebony/rosewood 95-115 650,634
solid sitka sprice solid mahogany african mahogany ebony G90-110,S100-118 634
FG850-800 solid spruce mahogany/maple/rosewood/nato nato rosewood 100-118 650
FS850-800 solid spruce mahogany/rosewood/nato nato rosewood 90-110 634
FGX830-800 solid spruce rosewood/mahogany/nato nato rosewood 100-118 650
FSX830-800 solid spruce rosewood/mahogany/nato nato rosewood 90-110 634
F310p(ca) spruce local local rosewood 96-116 634
F370 (similar to F310)
fender DG-8 nat spruce laminated mahogany
fender DG-8S nat (vs FG700s) solid spruce laminated mahogany
walden d570 (240) solid wr cedar mahogany mahogany rosewood
cort L100-0 NS (210) solid spruce top afr mahogany mahogany ovangkol 643
custom accoustic MJ1E (200 mini jmb) solid stik spruce mahogany roosewood mini jumbo
custom accoustic FG27E (130) solid eng spruce solid mahogany
custom accoustic FG52E (250-470) solid eng spruce solid mahogany mahogany ebony 650
custom accoustic FG98E (500-650) aa solid spruce solid rosewood mahogany ebony
KAPOK 红枫 LD-14 4/4 (150sgd) Puff Linden=basswood x x x x 650
cheap guitar laminated


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