Vuforia Base Startup Resource

  • get unity LTS version
  • get vuforia latest unitypackage:
  • create free vuforia account to create image target database:
    1. register
    2. go License Manager, Get Basic button to create a project license,
    3. then click the license name, it will show the long string license key, copy that and save to a text
    4. go to target manager tab on the webpage (next to license manager)
    5. Add Database, to store the image track references
    6. click the database to add the target, (normally image designed to print on A4 paper 0.29 x 0.2 in size)
      • marker must be contrast in term of greyscale (good like edge detection, not like gradient)
      • corner is good, round edge is bad
      • marker must be no repeat or pattern in itself
      • feature points evenly distributed and enough feature points
      • jpg, png and enough resolution
      • print size at least > 12cm in size
    7. once done, click Download Database as another unitypackage.
  • get vuforia base and database package into unity project
  • configure project setting: (Build setting > Player setting > Player tab > other setting)
    • for Graphics APIs, drag OpenGLE3 above Vulkan
    • andorid api: at least api 26 (v8.0) (api 30 for google store)
    • scripting backend : IL2CPP
    • target architecture: check ARM64, uncheck ARMv7
  • get phone to developer mode, and enable usb debug mode, connect usb to your PC;
  • in build setting: Run Device > click refresh to get your phone to show up
  • set allow in phone, and click Build and Run to get it build and load into your phone and run directly.

Vuforia Base Setup

  • delete default scene camera, add new AR Camera from vuforia
  • in camera attribute, click vuforia configuration, and paste your license code there
  • in “max simultaneous tracked image”, set to 2 if you want to 2 mark to show 3d object, (2 mark in real life case)
  • in scene, create ImageTarget object, and put your 3d object as child of it.
  • then, build and run.

Extra ImageTarget setting:

  • Observer event handler:
    • tracked: once track disappear, object disappear (good for book flip, since content should go once track mark is gone)
    • tracked or extended tracked: once tracked disappear, object will stay in last tracked place (good for object showcase)
  • smooth transition on pose jump (if checked):
    • smooth update action on object position (so it will move slowly to new updated track position)

Vuforia markless Setup

  • add AR Camera, Ground Plane Stage, Plane Finder
  • put your object as child of Ground Plane Stage
  • now done.


  • Plane Finder: > Content Positioning Behavior (script)
    • option 1: duplicate stage checked > it will place multi copy when click
    • option 2: duplicate stage unchecked > it will show one copy and it will update position when click
    • option 3: on Content placed (new function) plane Finder > gameObject.setActive (only first click)
  • floor indicator customize:
    • Plane Finder > PlaneFinderBehavior (script) > Plane indicator: make your copy of DefaultPlaneIndicator prefab
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