LiteStar install

  • python -m pip install litestar
  • once, done, you can run in the project dir, (where is)
    litestar run
    • if error module missing, just pip install those
      • rich
      • click
      • uvicorn
      • jsbeautifier

LiteStar syntax

  • after build a simple api, to interact with that web api, sample code
    • get
      response = requests.get("")
    • post
      response ="",json={"title":"car-washing","done":False})
    • put
      response = requests.put("", json={"title":"profiting2","done":True}
    • read
      data = response.json()
  • note:
    • in json, true is “true”
    • in python, true is “True”
    • in http url, true is ok with “true” or “True”


  • it provides a active server, allow other pc or program to communicate with it
  • it use url to point to each function of the
    # (python decorator: a function repackage method, put below function as a component of decorator function)
    # so, the decoration function is like a white-label procedure function, need input function as lego part to output different behaved white-label funciton. 
    async def func_a() -> str:
    # same as below, get("/") return a the get white-label function, and take func_a as component to output a different behaved white-label function, and use the same function variable func_a, (like a repackage of func_a in white-label box)
    func_a = get("/")(func_a)
  • ASGI: Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface
    • newer for python, non block commu
  • WSGI: Web Server Gateway Interface
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