Mobile Dev Notes

Options Candidates Support Lib
offical solution Java (Android), Objective-C (IOS), Swift (IOS)
cross compiled Xamarin (C#)
web based PhoneGap (HTML5+CSS+JS), Cordova (HTML5+CSS+JS) Ionic, Supersonic, Bootstrap, AngularJs
Kendo UI, jQuery Mobile, Underscore.js
javascript runtime VM Accelerator titanium (wrapper), Facebook React Native (wrapper)
Telerik NativeScript (JS, CSS)
NPM modules

ref: * NativeScript vs all:

  • Date Start: 2016.06


Develop with Adobe PhoneGap or Cordova

  • Get installed:
    1. install NodeJS first (a mini chrome engine), then install phonegap by
      npm install -g phonegap

      or install cordova by

      npm install -g cordova
    2. install JDK (x86 or x64) and add Java bin to the path
    3. install android sdk with eclipse (x86 or x64) and add sdk “platform-tools” and “tools” to the path
    4. install apache ant and add its bin to the path
    • create project
      cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld
    • add android support
      cordova platform add android
    • build cmd
      cordova build
    • then use android sdk to load the project root folder
    • then unhide www folder from asset folder in android sdk, and run as android app in simulator or in Genymotion (to install) for pickup device

Develop with NativeScript

  • Get to Code:

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