Zbrush Pro tips

  • assign hotkey to a brush
    • press ctrl+alt and click the brush, then release ctrl+alt, then set the “key combo” for it
    • once done, press the “key-combo” to activate the brush
  • standard brush, move brush, clay brush are good easy brushes
  • dynamesh is good at sub-div level 4

ZScript and ZBrush Plugins

  • my ZScript for render current viewport and export jpg with name of current sub tool name.
    // 2019.11.14 - Ying - ZBrush Make subtool jpg at same folder. and pass file to bat file to handle publish process
    // note: it create a UI button in bottom of Tool menu
    [ISubpalette, "Tool:zAI Plugins"]
    [IButton,"Tool:zAI Plugins:Ying_ZB_DailyBPR2","Press to play this ZScript. ZScript can be aborted at anytime by pressing the esc key.",
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:FStrength,1]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:GStrength,0.75]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:Rays,12]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:Rays,100]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:Angle,60]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:Res,8240]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:Blur,1]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:VDepth,1]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:LDepth,-5]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:Max Dist,10]
    [ISet,Render:BPR Shadow:DistFalloff,0.1]
    [IPress,Material:MatCap White Cavity]
    [ISet,Render:BPR RenderPass:SPix,5]
    [IPress,Render:BPR RenderPass:Render Best Preview]
    // [IPress,Render:Render]
    [Note,"Ying.AI Has Exported the Image for you.",, 3 ]
    [NoteBar, fileName]
        [Note,"Daily Tool Folder exists.",,3]
        [ShellExecute, [StrMerge,"R:\Pipeline\PyZBrush\SubToolJPGDaily\zAImakeSubToolJPGDaily_exe.bat ",fileName]]
        [Note,"Daily Tool Folder does not exist.",,3] ]
    ]/*End of ZScript*/

other common useful zscript code

  • get subtool name
  • get last file browsing file name
      * message dialog <code>
    // add code above
    [MessageOK, lastName, "Last Path"]
    // sub tool path
    [MessageOK, [GetActiveToolPath], "Active Tool Path"]
  • define a path holder
    // set full path
    // set only name path, then it will use zscript path as parent path
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