Linux in VirtualBox Experience Report

  • Ubuntu 16 and 17 with guest tool installed:
    • in Gnome desktop environment, works ok, but once full screen folder or firefox window, it freeze and lag like hell
    • in Kubuntu 17 (KDE interface), laggy and no window show, just the taskbar and corner button showing, look like windows 10
    • in Ubuntu-MATE desktop environment, beautiful and smooth, not more max window freeze bug.
  • centos 7 in Mate or Gnome with guest tool installed:
    • perfectly good once guest tool settle, window is smooth and fast with Mate compared to ubuntu.
  • Note, even after install vbox guest addition, screen size adjust may not work properly and display may not detect VBX as display. As each different release at a time may use different Xorg version, if your virtualbox is not updated, its vboxaddition tools may not have latest vboxvideo driver for it, so either update your virtualbox to latest or use older release that works with the vboxvideo driver.
    • to check Xorg server version, use this cmd, if load fail, it may not support high resolution size or screen size adjustment
      view /var/log/Xorg.0.log
    • to check vboxaddition tool supported Xorg version, check the folder, example Xorg 1.17 matchs
      cd /usr/lib64/VBoxGuestAdditions/;ls

Default firefox freeze CentOS or Ubuntu in virtualbox

  • Make sure manually download latest official firefox, and don't use the old firefox comes within OS.
  • launch the latest download firefox within unzipped folder in terminal


  • VirtualBox support Remote Display, which the VM is running in one machine and Screen Control is on another machine,
  • create shared folder
    • choost host path
    • mount name
    • Mount point: (E:) for E drive
  • Problem Description:
    • the Device menu > install guest addition tool on Ubuntu VM just not work for me
    • Shared Folder not show up after adding (auto-mount) in VirtualBox
  • current setting for the VM for smooth graphic and action
  • 2GB for ram, 2 Core, 128 VRAM w 3D acceleration, shared folder with auto mount
  • Solution Guide:
    1. Update Ubuntu OS first just to be safe
      • type update from App search, and click software updater to update itself and install updates
      • restart
    2. Install virtualbox guest addition from Ubuntu's all-in-one software online center, apt-get
      • Since install from CDROM most likely not working (vboxadd error) and that CDROM is designed for generic linux
      • open terminal app, and admin mode on
        sudo bash
      • update apt-get index info and install virtualbox service and interaction with host one-by-one-with-Yes
        apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms
        apt-get install virtualbox-guest-x11
    3. restart
    4. now check guest os and guest tool running process with “vbox” name
      ps -ef | grep -i vbox
    5. we now can copy-paste from host and vm, go VM Device menu > Copy Paste Enable (note, drag and drop not work for me)
    6. If shared folder you setup in VM not show up, check virtualbox service is active or not
      systemctl status virtualbox-guest-utils.serivce
    7. if it shows “Loaded and Inactive”, we active service by command
      sudo service virtualbox-guest-utils start
    8. Now, we check service status again, and it should show “Loaded, Active”
      systemctl status virtualbox-guest-utils.serivce
    9. Shared Folder should show up on Desktop and /Media/sf_sharedName
    10. But, you may notice lock icon on all existing files in shared folder, due to your current user name in Ubuntu not in edit group of share folder, let us add you to in the permission list with command
      1. check your user name
      2. check your user name in which group
        groups YourName
      3. add your user in vboxsf group for editing share folder
        sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a YourName
    11. restart
    12. Now, you should see shared folder on your desktop and you can edit its content
      1. if still not show up, open terminal and active that virtualbox service again.
        sudo service virtualbox-guest-utils start
    13. Install MATE ubuntu desktop environment (choose lightdm as switcher option on cmd window) and switch to it to avoid Gnome freeze when maximize window
      sudo apt install -y ubuntu-mate-desktop


  • Solution Guide:
    1. I tried official guide, and it works perfectly, including share folder
      1. admin mode
        sudo -i
      2. install dkms
        yum install dkms
        1. if above not working, try add this repo and try again
          rpm -Uvh
      3. install kernel source and develop tool for guest tool compile use
        yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
        yum install kernel-devel
      4. load the guest CD and let it auto, it will pop admin pass, and install as normal, perfectly ok. Mouse move flow works, windows resize works, shared folder auto load after restart.
      5. add user to share folder permission group.
      6. check your user name
      7. check your user name in which group
        groups YourName
      8. add your user in vboxsf group for editing share folder
        sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a YourName
      9. restart and you can do anything with the folder now
    2. Install MATE desktop environment to avoid UI freeze during UI maximize operation
      1. code
        sudo yum install epel-release
        sudo yum groupinstall "MATE Desktop"
      2. choose lightdm as switcher option on cmd window
      3. switch at login

Intro on inter-network between host and VM

  • as you can see in the OS X VM access Host method, VM can call Host with the host default IP of in VM's network
  • to make Host to call VM,

Why Virtual Machine

Tech guide list on Virtualization

  • SysProbs: a tip and guide site about virtualization tools

FAQ - Problem and Solution

  • clone a virtual VDI drive to another copy with different disk id
    vboxmanage clonevdi {sourcevdi} {destinationvdi}
  • Guest Machine: Mac OS X, access window host share folder. (ref)
    • for mac guest, no need VirtualBox way setup, just make a shared folder in Windows in the normal Windows network share method (right click, and choose share enable and permission)
    • in Mac Finder, Cmd + K to go to (by default)
    • then type user and pass, it should go (thus your acc needs a pass)
    • In case it failed, go Windows > Network, make sure the VirtualBox virtual-host-network icon is enabled.
    • detail on os x on pc page os_x_on_pc
  • Problem: 64bit OS option not shown in virtualbox create option
    • solution: you need to enable virtualization support for your AMD or Intel CPU in motherboard bootup bios setting page
    • example:
      1. in MSI motherboard, boot with Del key hold, PC will go to bios page.
      2. for intel CPU: you need to enable VT-x and VT-d feature in bios setting
      3. for AMD CPU: you need to enable AMD SVM-secure vm feature
        1. (in MSI motherboard case) : go Overclocking page: OC Explore mode = Expert, scroll down to Advance CPU feature, SVM mode = enable, go normal page, save and exit
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