Free Video Editor Compare List

Quality Pro Grade Consumer Grade Basic Grade
Name DaVinci Resolve 12 Windows Movie Maker iMovie your phone built-in video editor
Platform Windows & Mac Windows Mac iOS, Android
Download blackmagicdesign windows essentials package built-in
(new version require payment
for old Mac version upgrade)
Ease of use Easy for basic
Medium for advanced
Easy Easy Easy
Format support Wide range Medium range Medium Range Limited Range
audio support .wav .aif
export format .mov

Other full feature free video editors

  • Blender 3D
  • VideoLAN Movie Creator
    • a free video editor made by one of the best video player software maker.
    • windows, mac, linux
    • Ease of use: Easy
    • Format support: wide range
  • Natron 2.0
    • a free powerful compositing software
    • windows, mac, linux
    • Ease of use: High learning curve
    • Format support: wide range
  • Fusion 8

Paid Video Editor Compare List

Other Free Video Editors but with locked features as Free version

Adobe CS2 products - include Premiere Pro 2.0 and After Effects 7

  • although they are old from 2005 and unsupported software for modern computers, but Adobe provide free download for those old customers who still use them, and also put the ready-to-use serial code public for their old customers.
  • so technically you can download them and use the code like their old customers
  • link of download, press Escape key (ESC key on top left of keyboard) if you don't want the page to auto jump to login page.
  • the Mac version I think will not run on modern Mac well, as Mac OS generally change too much in each version
  • the Windows version I think I will run fine with compatibility mode turn-on when right click on application and set up in compatibility property tab. or just virtual box and run a windows XP to use them.
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