• built-in command line text editor for Mac and Linux
  • search and replace
    // global replace
    // global replace interactively and case insensitive
    // global replace limit to 6 occure
    :%s/old-text/new-text/g 6
    // replace all with 10-15 lines
    // live select replace
    // ctrl-v to set line range then :s/ /g
    // replace whole word only
    // replace similar whole word
    // replace wildchar pattern, ball01 ball02
    // express
    !_\ is the same
    ^ start end $
  • delete/cut range
    Deletes lines n through m
  • delete line containts
    // delete lines contains keyword
    // delete blank lines
    // delete all line NOT with pattern, not start with "
    // delete all line NOT with pattern, contains cat or dog or pig
  • paste

2 modes

  • Switch to normal mode: <ESC>
  • Switch to edit mode: i or a


  • Exit Vi: :q
  • Exit Vi (ignore changes): :q!
  • Save: :w
  • Save and Exit: :wq
  • Switch to (edit) an other file: :edit FILENAME
navigation esc; then shortcut
cursor place h (left) j (down) k (up) l (right)
line start/end home / end
go to line 78 :78
display cmd
show line number :set number
off line number :set nu!
hex mode :%!xxd
exit hex %!xxd -r
function cmd
replace char r
delete char/line x / dd
paste shift+p
find :/wordToFind
find next/previous n / N
replace once on current line :s/OLD/NEW
replace all on current line :s/OLD/NEW/g
replace all in range line :#,#s/OLD/NEW/g (. for current line, $ for end line, 78 for line 78)
replace all in file :%s/OLD/NEW/g

cheat sheet

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