Mobile App Intro

  • list of common useful mobile apps

Drawing related

  • PenUp: allow picture over drawing
  • animator: animation paper by paper drawing

Music related

  • gStrings: string tuning app
  • metronome beats: beat count tool

Coding related

  • dcoder: a all in one develop tool

Office Tool

  • Write on pdf: pdf note tool

Media Hardward related

  • USB camera (orange bg with usb icon one): allow plug in logitech webcam
  • announcement mike (enteriosoft): allow plugin mic to make annoucement

system related

  • X-plore File Manager: best free file manager
  • apk extractor: backup app installed on your phone
  • adblock for samsung internet
  • router manager app

Singapore related

  • SP utilities: water/electricity bill app
  • Bank apps / PayAnyone / PayNow app: local banking apps
  • Teleco apps
  • gov app: ActiveSG / Parents Gateway
  • shopping app: Amazon/ebay/lazada/taobao/carousell
  • mcdelivery sg

Other App

  • call control
  • f-droid
  • dns66
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