Use Github Desktop app with GitLab

  • Download and instal Github Desktop app
  • create a ssh key for access from app
    • open cmd, type
    • enter to create, then enter passphrase like a password (just type not paste)
    • then the ssh key is under your %userprofile%/.ssh
    • notepad open “” file, and copy content text
  • login GitLab, User picture menu > Preference page, left side panel > Access Tokens
    1. token name
    2. expiration date
    3. scope (api)
    4. create personal access token
    5. now, once it show the *** code, copy save it
  • now, go to repo, copy https link
  • GitHub Desktop, without login info, just enter name and email
    • click Cline a repo, and target local path
    • enter gitlab username and pass
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