GNU Image Manipulation Program

GIMP, a powerful free alternative to Photoshop, with ability of tons of customization and configuration flexibility.

  • Krita is far better than GIMP in many ways and beyond
    • it, at the same time, aims to be a free alternative to Corel Painter and PaintTool SAI

From Photoshop to GIMP

updated 2016.11

  • Quick Conclusion for Photo Retouch
    • for lack of adjustment layer, it is hurting the fast workflow for non-destructive photo retouch workflow
    • it has clone, and basic heal for 2nd layer retouch, but lack of quick spot heal and patch tool may slow down the retouch process a bit
  • Quick Conclusion for Graphic Design
    • lack of “mask unlinking feature” and “quick multiple layer selection” are slowing the arranging layout process
    • same, lack of adjustment layer is quick no no for fast multiple alternation version creation.
    • text is not able to keep editable after rotation or scale, and lost vector graphic information, which means big No No for graphic design.
  • Quick Conclusion for general usage for image editing
    • it has all the essential tools for non-professional graphic user to get the job done.
hide selection ctrl + T ctrl+H
Deselect ctrl+shift + A ctrl+shift+A
Layer Operation
ctrl+j ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+shift+n ctrl+j
lock layer movement can't, but only limit move active layer Yes
lock layer paint,alpha yes, there is icon on layer panel Yes
move multiple layers can't, but only with layer link or layer group
make it like photoshop 7 in 2016
mask layer menu > mask > add layer mask Yes
unlink mask can't, have to use selection trick to move them independently
a pain for a serious tool
shape layer no, you have to path+pixel layer to manually generate for each change Yes, vector layer
brush P key, [] for size change B key
dodge, burn shift+D, ctrl to toggle NO
pen B key, close with ctrl click first point Yes
adjustment layer can't, this is making GIMP a totally useless for serious photo editing,
I would rather use a free compositing software than gimp for this missing feature
blend mode yes, lighten, darken, screen, multiply, soft lighten Yes
Retouch operation
clone C key, same functions as PS Yes, under brush preset
heal H key, only source target heal Yes, clone
with right click option : healing
spot heal can't, only clone with soft brush
basically a auto small patch
patch can't, only clone with soft brush
auto clone a patch from source and blend them
high pass filter need install plugin Yes
blur, sharp filter built-in Yes

Simple Tasks

GIMP structure

  • shortcut config file: data/menurc
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