Encore is simple version of Windows DVD Maker with more customiz

encore - subtitle workflow

  1. on the track panel, right click to add a new subtitle track
  2. right click on the subtitle track, choose “import subtitle”
    1. the encore subtitle plain text format is shown bellow
  3. when the subtitle formatting panel pop-up,
    1. use 120, 600 for the left and right bound (this fixes the unable rendering problem burn burn the dvd)
    2. use 24 for font size

sample subtitle formatting (count, in hh:mm:ss:ff, out, text)

1 00:00:54:00 00:00:57:00 It is a lonely road that few will tread
2 00:00:57:00 00:01:00:00 I am an outsider, looking to enter a world I am not a part of
3 00:01:00:00 00:01:08:00 I am an observer, observing a play, the artful love of an artist's rendering
4 00:01:35:00 00:01:40:00 Hello, come in
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