cPanel guide

  • introduced ModSecurity method to ensure posting site-wide, text submit to server will be check before run
  • a 406 error will occur if the text is a bit sensitive
  • normally it need to be configured on server side for whitelist
  • domain need 15 min to refresh the pointing
  • local browser or rounter has around 24 hour to refresh the cache
  • brower history and cache need to cleared to update the domain pointing lookup

Primary domain

  • Primary domain is the main domain pointing to your /main_root/public_html, also the main name of the cPanel
    • subdomain, it is sub of primary domain,, and it is usually under /main_root/public_html/sub_domain/, it also can go /main_root/subdomain_folder/

secondary domain

  • A secondary domain functions as an independent entity, with its own email accounts, websites, directory structure, statistics pages, bandwidth, and recording. The only real connection between a primary domain and a secondary domain are the resources and feature limits of a shared service. For example, if your service allows for ten email accounts, you can have five on your primary domain and five on your secondary domain.

addon domain (cPanel's way of calling secondary domain)

  • addon domain is a separate domain point to additional websites, it can be under /main_root/addon_domain_folder/ or it can be under /main_root/publich_html/addon_domain_folder, it has no link to primary domain, and search engine will treat them separately.
  • However, unlike primary, it doesn't have its own cPanel, it still can create email account, redirects, install and subdomains, but for ftp acc, the username will be and ftp server still shows as Thus other than ftp acc, it is able to show no connection to primary domain
  • If you make sure no url link from primary domain to addon domain, the search engines won't find them through primary domain. such as, or Thus it is better to put folder structure as primary domain web sits at /main_root/publich_html, addon domain web sits at /main_root/addon_domain_folder

parked domain

  • parked domain is like alias of primary domain, so always pointing to same primary location

Alias domains

  • Alias domains display the primary domain's website with a different domain name/URL


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