GPU based laptop tiers

Pre-built laptop system

option spec
GL72-xxx 17in version, 2.8kg
-6QF 960M 2-4GD5
GL62 6QE 950M 2GD5, 6700HQ 2.6-3.5, 8G, 1T, 2.5+pci3g4, 1920×1080, nolit, 2.4kg 1165
GL62 6QD 950M 2GD3 1278
-6QC 940MX 2GD3
  • Asus laptop lineup
    • GX lineup: GX7xx=17in, GX8xx means 18in
    • G lineup: G7xx means 17in, G8xx means 18in
    • GL lineup: slim and portable design, GL5xx means 15in
ROG-GL552VW 960M 2-4GD5, 2.5kg 2k
ROG-GL552VX 950M 2-4GD5
  • Dell laptop lineup
    • Inspiration series, 13in, 15in general laptop
      • 5000 series: medium level, starts offer with 1920×108 display
      • 7000 series: medium-high level, starts with medium level GPU
15 7000 GamingEdition i5-6300hq, 960M 4G5, 2.6kg

Barebone Laptop System

  • just like pc parts, barebone laptop system is like a semi combo motherboard system, which allow you to choose wide range of part option like desktop system.

Study of Current barebone laptop option

15 inch option level spec link
clevo P670HP6-G 2100sgd (s15) 7700HQ, HM175, 1060, 4x64G, , 2xM.2, 2xSATA, g-sync 3.2kg link
clevo P655HP6-G 1710sgd (sl15) 7700HQ, HM100, 1060-1070, 4x64G, , 2xM.2, SATA, 2.6kg link
clevo P750DM2-G 1600sgd ZM170, 1060-1070, 4x64G, 3.4kg link
clevo N151RD1 1400 sgd, middle HM170, 960M 2G, M.2, 2x32G-D4, 2.5kg, middle power design link, ref
clevo N550RC 1300 sgd, middle HM170, 950M 2G, M.2, 2x16G-D3, 2.1kg, middle power design link, ref 机械师黑鹰F57
clevo N550RC1 same as above but w. 950M 4G link
clevo N550RN 800sgd save as above but w. 940MX 2G link
dell 15 7000 (7599) 1400-1600sgd, high 960M 4G link1, link2

Customized Laptop

Laptop Market Research

  • the laptop trend in 2017 is that:
    • generic laptop market giving more and more to Tablet or Tablet phones, like 1000SGD mark, as tablet has far better experience and battery than laptop with same price range
    • 1500 SGD range gaming laptop are the main stream of laptop market now
    • low end laptop market is now “2-in-1 convertible” laptops, lightweight
      • low power CPU and more battery life, more than a tablet with real CPU
      • optional addon touchscreen ability to make it more like tablet.
      • Screen quality will be the key point to make it real tablet competitor
  • the current market structure
Generic work laptop - Small, Portable, Tablet-like
dell 11 3000 (3168) 499 touch, flip, N3710 2.56, 4G.R3L, 500G, 1366×768, mSD, 1.4kg good 11in screen and feel
dell 11 (3179) 649 m3-7Y30.2.60
acer ES1-132 348 N3350 2.4G, 11in, 2G.32G, 1.2kg
acer switch one10 449 touch, x5-z8300 1.8g, 10in, 2G,64G,500G
lenova miix 310 369 touch, x5-z8350 1.9G, 2G.64G, 10in
lenova ideapad 100s 299 z3735f 1.8G, 2G.32G 11in
asus T101HA (GR003T) 399 touch, flip, x5-8350 1.9G, 10in, 2G.32G, 1kg
asus vivio book (TP201SA-FV009T) 499 N3060 24G, 11in, 2G.500G, 1.3kg
Generic work laptop - Big
dell 14 3000 (3462) 449 N3350 2.4G, 2G.D4, 500G bad screen
dell 13 5000 (5378) i3-7100U.2.4G, touch, FHD, sd, 1.6kg
dell xps 15 9560 2999sgd 7700, 16g, 4k, 512pcie, 100%srgb
Acer e5-571 (563B) 649 (1T) i5 4210U 1.7-2.7, 6G, 1TB, 15 1080p link
Acer swift 1 (SF114-31) 449 N3060 1.6-2.4, 14in, 4G,32G bad screen, pad metal, good body
SL-15 1800 2.4kg, 4R, 2xM.2, SATA, 38x27x2.7cm screen ok, plastic body
S-15 2100 screen wash? metal body
as G751JL-T7003H ? 4720HQ shop
as GL502VM 2400 2.2lg. 2R, M.2, SATA, 39x27x2.4cm ok screen, brush plastic body
as GL702VM 2300 2.7kg, 2R, M.2, SATA, 42x28x2.4cm
ga P55k v5 1662sgd 6700, 965m2g, 8g, 90srgb link, review
ga P55G v5 1599 6700, 960m, 8g link
ga P55,P57 2499 7700, 1060 screen good, pad plastic, p55w shop, spec, review
aw 15 965m 1719sgd 6700, 965m, 8gb link
AW 15 970m 2000 screen very good, review
aw 15 3000 3.5kg, 39x30x2.5cm
acer vx15 similar
lenova Y700 1299 6700, 8g, 960m4g, 66%srgb, good speaker
lenova Y520 1488,1890sgd 1050 screen ok, smooth pad, key ok
ms GL62 6QE 1299sgd 6700, 950m2g, 8g link
ms GL62 7RD-40SG 1699sgd 7700, 1050 2g, 8g link
ms GL62 6QE 1299sgd 6700, 950m2g, 8g link
ms GE62 6QF apache pro 1853 6700, 970m, 2fan shop
ms GP62 6QF 1499sgd 6700, 960m, 8gb link
ms GP62 7RD 2039sgd 7700, v94ntsc, 10504g, 8gb
ms GP62 7REX 2339sgd 7700, v94ntsc, 1050ti4G, 8g
ms GP62M 7RD 1638sgd 7700, s94ntsc, 1050 2g, 8g, 2x chal, hn,gps
ms GP62MVR 7RF 1999 (2239) 7700, S94NTSC, 1060 3G, 8G, 2x screen wash, pad platisc
ms GE62VR-6RF Apache Pro 2500 6700HQ, 2.8kg, 38x26x2.8cm
ac G9-793-71BW 3100 3.7kg, 40x30x4cm
aw 15 3600 3.5kg, 39x30x2.5cm
ac G9-793-75KJ 3700 4.2kg, 42x32x4cm
as G752VS-GB097T 4300 4.3kg, 17x4k, M.2, SATA
AS W-15S 2900 3.4kg, 4R, 2xM.2, 2xSATA, 38x26x4cm
acer spin 1 sp113 N4200 1.1G, 4g3L, 13.3 1080IPS, link