Gif aniamtion output process

  • Photoshop to Convert video to GIF:
    1. Open the video file
    2. in the pop-up Animation panel, right top corner drop-down menu > Set Timeline Framerate to a 8fps or 10fps, (less frame means smaller gif size, but still enough frame to keep animation smooth)
    3. File > Export > Export for web, and use a gif preset, and use the preset option to change compression parameter and output size, and playback button to test playback
frame rate of smooth animation 10fps, 100ms
size 320×240, 960×540
  • important note: use firefox browser to open it to check whether loop or not
  • command flag
    • turn off loop
      gifsicle --no-loopcount < input.gif > output.gif
    • turn on loop
      gifsicle --loopcount < input.gif > output.gif

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