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     * Format support: wide range     * Format support: wide range
   * Natron 2.0   * Natron 2.0
-    * a free powerful compositing ​software, actually more power than video editing ​software+    * a free powerful compositing software
     * windows, mac, linux     * windows, mac, linux
     * http://​natron.fr/​     * http://​natron.fr/​
     * Ease of use: High learning curve     * Ease of use: High learning curve
 +    * Format support: wide range
 +  * Fusion 8
 +    * a free powerful compositing software, from same company of DaVinci Resolve
 +    * win, mac, linux 
 +    * https://​www.blackmagicdesign.com/​products/​fusion
 +    * ease of use: high learning curve
     * Format support: wide range     * Format support: wide range
 ====== Paid Video Editor Compare List ====== ====== Paid Video Editor Compare List ======
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     * http://​hitfilm.com/​store/​hitfilm-3-express#​effects-starter     * http://​hitfilm.com/​store/​hitfilm-3-express#​effects-starter
     * quick overview tutorial: https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=DtwZ8wahH6M     * quick overview tutorial: https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=DtwZ8wahH6M
 +====== Adobe CS2 products - include Premiere Pro 2.0 and After Effects 7 ======
 +  * although they are old from 2005 and unsupported software for modern computers, but Adobe provide free download for those old customers who still use them, and also put the ready-to-use serial code public for their old customers.
 +  * so technically you can download them and use the code like their old customers
 +  * link of download, press Escape key (ESC key on top left of keyboard) if you don't want the page to auto jump to login page. https://​helpx.adobe.com/​creative-suite/​kb/​cs2-product-downloads.html
 +  * the Mac version I think will not run on modern Mac well, as Mac OS generally change too much in each version
 +  * the Windows version I think I will run fine with compatibility mode turn-on when right click on application and set up in compatibility property tab. or just virtual box and run a windows XP to use them.
 +  * read more on this article: http://​blog.rainwebs.net/​2013/​01/​27/​adobe-cs-2-on-windows-8/​