UDK Quick Use Guide

  • Unreal working speed-up tips
    • view > detail mode : low
    • view > enable particle system LOD
    • make perspective view smaller
    • make perspective view in “unlit mode” (alt+3)
      • or check “unlit movement” for static lit in view drop-down menu
    • toggle off real time (ctrl+r)
  • navigation (right mouse button centered control)
UDK game style Maya view style Maya selected style
walk LMB ?
rotate view RMB U+LMB
pan view LMB+RMB U+MMB
zoom view LMB U+RMB
view select home
  • orthographic view
    • LMB: pan view
    • MMB scroll: zoom view
  • toggle view
    • persp: alt+f
    • top: alt+g
    • front: alt+h
    • side: alt+j
  • viewport hide and show configure
    • toggle volume [bounding box] (o)
    • toggle terrain (t)
    • toggle static mesh [static dynamic] (w)
    • game view [hide all] (g)
  • move object
    • lock to camera: pick up mode

UDK creation

  • L+LMB click: create light

rebuilt required for every BSD brush change

UDK pipe

UDK import:

  • t3d, dxf, asc, ase