Basic Render Setting

  • Base material: Redshift Material (comes with preset)
    • reflection:
      • roughness: (spec blurness)
      • fresnel type: IOR - index of reflection
    • refraction, transmission
      • weight: (transparency)
    • Optimization
      • reflection: max trace depth
  • RS surface scatter mat
    • scale: smaller mean less scatter
  • Light
    • RS_domelight (HDRI light)
    • RS_physicalLight (area light, geo light, spot light, point light)
  • Camera's lens shader
    • Bokeh shader:
      • Ciricle of Confusion: smaller, sharper
      • bokeh shape image: control bokeh shape and if RGB seperate, it will add abbreviation
    • PhotographicExposure shader

Render setting

Output tab
Progressive Rendering
the passes setting only affect IPR progressive render, not final render
Force Progressive for IPR uncheck that if you want to bucket render for IPR as point based render not supported in progressive
unified sampling and adaptive threshold noise level control
min > 4
randomize pattern for each frame: good for animation to random noise
sample filter blur or sharp image, like those JPG engine
sample override override per property sampling, good for check what need improve noise
motion blur deforming geo needs check enable Deform blur
transform step (sample steps for motion analysis per frame)
frame duration (time duration for blurriness, for animation, normally 1 frame)
Gamma gamma 2.2, linear workflow
color management RenderView > option : color manager, sRGB,SRG, no maya color control
Environment RS_environment, or RS_Sky
atmopshere fog: volumeScattering
Tone Mapping allowed overexp: highlight recovery;
black crush: contrast adder
Photometric units units to meter scale for calculation; cd/m2 factor: non-physical light intensity mulplier
AOV tab
depth distance info for DOF or Fog
Option tab
max trace depth max bounce or pass-through for ray calculation
GI tab
primary GI first light Bounce
secondary GI second and later light Bounce
number GI bounce for interior, maybe need more like 10
brute force more ray will clean up image
radiance point cloud smaller screen radius means better performance,
Photon mapping tab
photon GI and caustics
SSS tab
point based
system tab
feedback display display window with all render info
material override light check with basic material
bucket rendering setting size, and order
  • Render Proxy
    • RS_menu > export
  • Utility shader
    • material
      • RS_matteShadowCatcher
      • RS_MaterialBlender

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