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   * http://​www.pugetsystems.com/​labs/​articles/​How-To-Make-Windows-8-1-Act-More-Like-Windows-7-514/​   * http://​www.pugetsystems.com/​labs/​articles/​How-To-Make-Windows-8-1-Act-More-Like-Windows-7-514/​
 +====== Windows 8 Problem and Fix ======
 +  * **How to Change home/office Wifi Network'​s property into "Home and Private Network"​ profile**
 +    * Problem behind it:
 +      * If you check windows firewall setting in "​Control"​ panel, there are "​Private networks"​ and "Guest or Public networks";​ by default, it connects any wifi as "Guest or Public networks",​ and prohibit any incoming connection; thus that causes home wifi inter PC connection can't work, like file transfer with Dukto.
 +    * Solution:
 +      * manually set home Wifi's property as "​Private networks"​ - steps:
 +        - click on Wifi icon on the taskbar, then the right side charm bar pop up with listing of all wifi;
 +        - then click the very top of the bar, the Text called "View connection settings",​ then a window pop up called "​Network > connection"​ showing on the left, and wifi name show on the right.
 +        - then click on the home wifi name on the right, then, that wifi's property showing up
 +        - under Find devices and content: make it "​On";​
 +        - Done, that step make the wifi into "Home and Private Network"​ profile, now you can check windows firewall setting in "​Control"​ panel; it shows "​Private network"​ connected.
 +        - From now on, you can send file transfer, such as with Dukto, without have to fight with general windows firewall inbound/​outbound rules in the firewall advanced setting.