Make Your low-end wifi has main wifi extending feature

Linksys E1200 Wifi Repeat Firmware Setup Guide


  • as E1200 is a low end wifi router, it doesn't have feature to extending current main wifi router coverage, so you need to use below method to use 3rd party firmware to enable that feature, so called “wifi repeater” or “wifi extender”
  • Detail steps:
    1. Flash the firmware into E1200, following 100% from step 1 to 11 on
    2. Note: this article use E1500 router, so you can jump to “how to get it configured as a Repeater Bridge” part for the actual info you need,
    3. better use one computer/phone/tablet to login current wifi router control panel to check its wireless info like:
      • wireless network SSID: (wifi_name_show_in_device)
      • wireless network mode : (mixed, b, g, n, as the network speed mode)
      • wireless security mode: (most likely WPA2 Personal, but check to confirm )
      • WPA algoritms: (most likely like AES)
      • WPA shared key: (basically your current wifi router password)
      • DHCP IP range: (something like 192.168.x.x-192.168.x.x)
      • DHCP subnet (most likely
      • Router IP (most likely or
    4. at the same time, use another computer to wifi connect to your DD-WRT name wifi router network, then go page in browser using DD-WRT default user: “root” pass: “admin” to go DD-WRT web control panel
    5. Real config part
      1. Setup Tab → Basic Setup page
        IP address: 192.168.x.250 (x is what about 0 or 1 in your current wifi router info above, 250 is a big number most likely not taken by other device in current wifi device list, like 101,102)
        subnet mask:
        Gateway: 192.168.x.1 (x is 0 or 1 based on your current wifi rounter info)
        Local DNS: 192.168.x.1 (same as above)
      2. “save” button and “apply setting” button, wait 30s for it reboot
      3. wifi connect to your DD-WRT name wifi router network Again, but this time, go page 192.168.x.250 as above step in browser, login DD-WRT default user: “root” pass: “admin” to go DD-WRT web control panel
      4. Wireless Tab → Basic Setting page
        Wireless mode: Repeater Bridge
        1. “save” button and continue on same page
          current wifi network mode: (mixed, b, g, n choice as in current main wifi router setting)
          current wifi SSID: (the main wifi router wifi name)
          sensitivity range: 2000
          network configuration: bridge
          Click Add 1 virtual inferface (basically this router works as wifi extender like setting config)
          wireless SSID: wifi_name_like_main_extender
          wireless SSID broadcast: Broadcast
          AP isolation: disable
          network config: Bridged
          1. “save” button again and make sure above info filled
        2. Wireless Tab → Wireless security page
          Physical interface wl0: (main wifi info)
          security mode: (like WPA2 Personal based on main wifi info)
          WPA algorithms: (like AES based on main wifi info)
          WPA shared key: main_wifi_password
          virtual interface wl0.1 (so-called this extender wifi info)
          security mode: (same as above)
          WPA algorithms: (same as above)
          WPA sahred key: (same as above)
          key renewal interval: 3600
        3. “save” button
        4. Setup Tab → Advanced Routing page
          Operating mode: Router
        5. “save” button
        6. Services Tab → Services page
          DNSmasq: disabled
        7. “save” button
        8. Security Tab → Firewall
           uncheck all box
          1. “save” button
          2. same page
            SPI Firewall: disabled
          3. “save” button
        9. “Apply settings” button, wait for reboot
      5. Now, you shoulder see 2 wifi network in your device
        • your main wifi name
        • your so-called extender wifi name
      6. put your extender wifi router in the middle way, so it cover all the house