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ying [basic operation]
Line 52: Line 52:
 :: dont type out cmds in cmd window :: dont type out cmds in cmd window
 @echo off @echo off
-set CustPython=D:​\Pipeline\App_Win\Python27x64\+set CustPython=R:​\Pipeline\App_Win\Python27x64\
 :: Check for Python Installation :: Check for Python Installation
Line 64: Line 64:
 ::====== noPython ====== ::====== noPython ======
 :NoPython :NoPython
-IF EXIST CustPython (+IF EXIST %CustPython( 
 +  echo %CustPython%
   call %CustPython%python.exe %~dp0%~n0.py %1 && goto done   call %CustPython%python.exe %~dp0%~n0.py %1 && goto done
   goto console   goto console