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   * tip:   * tip:
     * quit ssh by: exit     * quit ssh by: exit
 +==== Disable PageSpeed on Apache ====
 +  * when have pagespeed feature on Apache, it will auto create small size image when the webpage put a high res image in a small size form, like with width and height attribute. it can sometimes not useful when you really want to show the high res image in page and in a easy to view layout for people to zoom later.
 +  * Disable pagespeed step:
 +    - ref: https://​docs.bitnami.com/​bch/​apps/​wordpress/​administration/​use-pagespeed/​
 +    - comment out pagespeed related line in httpd.conf
 +    - restart apache.
 ====== Backup and New EC2 Instance ====== ====== Backup and New EC2 Instance ======