Disable Chrome android suggested site and suggest article

  1. go to this hidden setting page for Chrome
  2. search ntp, and change “enable-ntp-popular-sites” and “enable-ntp-remote-suggestions” to disable

Backup, Reset to Factory, Restore

  1. Backup:
    1. install “Easy back and restore” app:
  2. Copy the back to a SD card, or OTG USB drive, or online storage
  3. Reset to Factory
  4. Restore
    1. install “Easy back and restore” app, and load the backup data

Backup Steps Manually

  1. Note down the list of App you installed, and each app login information
  2. Backup internal storage folders, go through one by one.
  3. check each app that stores data separately, and dig out to external storage
  4. take out SD card and restore to factory
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