Daily and Work

Generally, visiting SG is pretty simple, as SG income depends a lot on tourism. Thus, you can get a one-time only or 2-year multi-visit pass from your local SG embassy or a travel agency.

If you have a SG local friend with resident pass, then even simpler,

  1. as your local friend can help apply a online “e-visit pass” for you,
  2. wait a day, then email you the pass,
  3. then you just print it out (double check you have print everything needed)
  4. visit SG with your passport and that print-out e-pass

for more information on visiting, refer to SG ICA gov site (the ICA building, so-called the SG immigration center)

At least in SG, you need to get a kind of work pass from SG government to be able to work at SG, and normally it needs to be re-newed every 6 month to every 5 years, it depends.

If you find a employer in SG before you come, even simpler, just ask the employer to apply for you.

for more info on work at SG, refer to SG MOM gov site:

  • Roaming charge
    • call: 11s = 2 SGD
    • SMS: 1 sms = 0.72 SGD

Weekend Time Killing

to be added

Marriage and Child

  • Marriage is simple, as there are tons of embassy, almost available for every country to register

Giving Birth to a child

  • for those who got the LSVP (Long-term social vist pass) or (resident status)
    1. you are allowed to give birth, then once got it, next
    2. register the birth at 3rd storey, ICA Building (google) within 14 days with following docs : http://www.ica.gov.sg/page.aspx?pageid=186
      1. “Notification of Live Birth” issued by the hospital
      2. “Identity Cards of both parents”
      3. “Original marriage certificate of parents” with English translation
      4. Passports of parents
      5. Entry Permits of parents
      6. Disembarkation/Embarkation card of parents (only for visitors, so-called the white called signed on arrival airplane)
      7. got a name for child
      8. get and fill “Birth Report form” (get one early or get one on spot to fill)
      9. meet the ICA people at 3rd floor, ICA buidling
      10. got the Birth Certificate
      11. pay 18 SGD (by NETS only, so get a card before go)
  • ICA opening:
    • Monday to Friday : 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
    • Saturday : 8.00 a.m. to 12.30 noon

Citizenship and what-so-ever related

  • So SG gov is helping a lot for its local citizen, its policy benefits a lot for the poor, and ease a lot of load for the mid class. not matter so much for the rich.
    • while the SG passport is really good for those like easy traveling.

NS - Nation Service - so-called arm training

  • SG local and SG foreign citizen born by 1st SG foreign citizen are required to take 2 year formal arm training; and 40 days of re-training every year till age of 40. by law.

Buy a House - Re-sale HDB

HDB House Buy procedure : ref

  1. Your own cash power to prepare
    1. pay for seller (not more than 5000 SGD) [that is, 2500 when seller give u the option to buy, 2500 when u got the house] [so-called chance fee]
      • by cash
    2. pay for house-buy initial payment
      • for HDB loan (loan from SG gov) or no loan (10% of lower of [retail price, valuation price] )
        • by cash or
        • by CPF saving or
        • CPF Housing Grant or
        • 3 above
      • for band loan taker (20% of lower of [retail price, valuation price] )
        • 5% in cash and other 15% by
          • by cash or
          • by CPF saving or
          • by CPF Housing Grant or
          • 3 above
    3. If seller want to overcharge you above market valuation price (most time they do), then you pay Cash-over Valuation (COV) [so-called overcharge part]
      • if retail price is under valuation price, you got a lucky deal and a good deal, nothing you have to pay extra, skip this part then
      • if retail price is above valuation price, you are being overcharged, dxxx it, you just have to take it, then
        • SG gov has nothing to help you, you have to pay the different in Cash (overcharge by the seller), and SG gov only help you for the valuation price or lower (in term of CPF and house Grand)
  2. Your CPF OA (Ordinary Account) saving power (ref: http://mycpf.cpf.gov.sg/CPF/my-cpf/buy-house/CPFHousing_Leaflet.htm)
    • how much money can you use from CPF OA saving: here is the calculation:
      • define VL (valuation limit) = lower of [retail price, valuation price]
      • define WL (withdraw limit) = 120% * VL
      • thus, WL is the maximum money you can use from CPF OA saving (including your future accumulation saving in OA)
    • When you can use first 100%
      • any time
    • When you can use the 20% extra
      • after set aside 1/2 of pre-vailing minimum sum

Actual usage:

  1. cash: (COV) + 5% * VL = (COV) + 5% of lower of [retail price, valuation price] ~= COV + 5% * valuation price
  2. CPF (for people take gov HDB loan): 1st installment = 10% of lower of [retail price, valuation price] ~= 10% * valuation price
  3. gov HDB loan: < 80% * VL = 80% of lower of [retail price, valuation price] ~= 80% * valuation price
    • example: for sg citizen+sg citizen family: you got $30,000 for free from SG gov;
    • for sg citizen + foreign permanent citizen: you got $20,000; So, being SG citizen will enjoy more
  4. extra addition support from gov HDB Grant if you are poor: http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10321p.nsf/w/BuyResaleFlatCPFGrantAHG?OpenDocument
    • example: monthly household income: $2,501 - $3,000; then you got $25,000 for free from SG gov, how nice is that Gov.

So typical Singaporean family will got, in best case, roughly $55,000 for free from SG gov, which can be used for the

  • initial payment (10% of lower of [retail price, valuation price]) ~= 10% of valuation price


  • if case:
    • you got the saving cash of $70,000
    • and you got the free gov HDB grant of $55,000
  • then:
    • you have a total purchase power of $125,000
  • calculate:
    • after pay the $5,000 chance fee, you got: $125,000 - $5,000 = $120,000
    • let's say COV average costs $40,000 for 4-room (current COV ref), you got: $120,000 - $40,000 = $80,000
    • so, given $80,000 left for «10% of lower of [retail price, valuation price]» ~= 10% * valuation price; let's say 4-room average valuation price is $605,000 (current HDB price), 10% * $605,000 = $60,500
    • then, you still have $20,000 cash left after the initial pay.

While, even you manage to got the 1st step done, how about future loan repayment, and your CPF saving can support it??

  • continue from above example:
    • say you got the $605,000 4-room house, then only left the 80% loan to pay. that is: $605,000 * 80% = $484,000
    • say pay back in 25 year: interest rate around 2.60% (current HDB loan Rate here)
    • so you got: monthly installment $2,200
    • even your CPF can afford: $400 monthly, then you got to pay from your income in cash: 2200-400= 1800 SGD
    • not to mention the last 10% (100% - 10% initial - 80% loan) you have to pay in cash in the future


So, as you see, even you and finish the 1st step easily, the future is tough for some case.

Thus, considering a 3-room in 6-10 floor $430,000 HDB with COV of $34,000;

  • given your total purchase power of $125,000 in cash
  • pay COV: $34,000, left: $91,000
  • pay chance fee: 5000. left: $86,000
  • pay 1st initial payment: 10% * $430,000 = $43,000; left: $43,000
  • Future to pay: 90% * $430,000 = $387,000
    • how much load you can take: say $317,000 (check max. HDB loan amount on condition)
      • that is loan payback $1440 monthly in the future, use CPF saving monthly help about $440, your income will take out $1000 monthly for loan payback (more likely acceptable)
    • then, the final pay to go is $387,000 - $317,000 = $70,000
    • you use the left cash $43,000 left to finish the $70,000, still left with $26,000 to go to achieve to goal

thus, aim low, and save more.


Buy a House - HDB

  • For Singaporean only
  • to be continued

Buy a House - DBHS

  • For Singaporean only

"CPF", Tax, Company and Insurance

You have to put a certain amount of your income in SG into your “CPF” account, as it is a gov way to force you keep a habit of saving for housing, medical and insurance.

You can access all the CPF related gov service online

But, first you need to create a SingPass, please refer to this SG gov site,

while the easiest way for the SingPass is visiting the CPF building, which you can refer to this contact info

  • if you work at SG, then everything about your SG tax can be accessed online: https://mytax.iras.gov.sg/
  • claiming, and taxing or checking, all can be done online if you have applied the SingPass , which you can refer to this SG gov site: https://www.singpass.gov.sg/sppubsvc/abt-us.html
  • normally, you will get a Tax notify letter after one year's work in SG, just follow the click-click online steps on the letter