Singapore Gov service list

  • for ICA website service, IE6 will provide most successfully running, as some function in parent's detail part will stop most browsers, no luck for Mac people, I run IE6 from Windows XP on VirtualBox virtual machine with Windows 7 as Host.
  • Update 2016.06: Firefox latest works fine, but Make sure You disable pop-up blocker, as during the payment part, it will pop-up twice, also disable any Ad blocker in case; Even you forgot, dont panic, the firefox will say 1 pop-up blocked, just click on the info bar, and click enable this pop-up, it will work fine through

Entry Visa for friend application or short term family process

Simple One Line, ask your friend to send you the filled copy of the information form, then you apply online, that is it, of course, 30 sgd per visa

Step 1, Required Resource:

  • PR or Citizen friend
  • for citizen friend, need Citizen's Singapore Passport info photocopy
  • visitor's IC and Passport info photocopy
  • visitor's white-background-clean-face-feature digital photo
  • a credit card with NETS function
  • Firefox or IE (works on new IE with compatibility on, Java installed for SingPass)
    • Works on my Firefox on Windows 7 as well, ^_^Better use IE 6 on Windows XP
    • I know this is ridiculous when everyone is using Windows 7 with IE9, but try use virtual box with a XP installed in it, which works
    • be a Tech savvy, you will get it down
    • ICA update the site a bit better now

Step 2,

  1. Page 1: choose “Submission of Application for Visa Electronically (SAVE)”
  2. Page 2: choose “Submission through your Local Contact” and the link to “For Local Contact” download manual
    1. then, go to the end of page, and continue with “Submission of Application” > Local Contact
    2. (Note, you need Internet Explorer to do that, oh, Linux user, use the Virtual Machine to continue) Firefox works fine
  3. Page 3: Welcome to SAVE > Proceed to submit
  4. Page 4: Login SingPass (You need to have JAVA virtual machine installed to continue)
  5. Page 5: Step 1 of 3, Form Entry (5 min)
    1. name, DOB, country, race, religion, marriage status, spouse's country, IC, passport no.
    2. for passport machine readable code, it is last 4 digit on left side of »» sign at bottom of first passport page, for E-passport new version, put 0000
    3. Address in Country of Origin (it is on the IC)
  6. Page 6
    • Occupation
    • Highest Academic
    • type of group : social
    • type of visa: multiple journey
    • date of intended arrival in SG Period of Visa applied for
    • how long you intend to stay in SG, state reason
    • if more than 30 days, state reason
    • Address in SG or Hotel
    • ever reside in other country for 1 year long
    • common immigration questions
      • ever, ever, ever, ever > no
    • others:
      • email address
  7. Page 7, Particulars of Local Contact (Note: Local Contact means The Person who sign in the SingPass and doing all the online form filling task. so definitely Singaporean or PR)
    • applicant's (your friend visiting SG) country of embarkation before arriving SG (If you fly from China to Hongkong to Singapore, then HongKong is the country of embarkation, If you fly from USA to Japan to SG, then Japan is the embarkation, if you directly fly from France to SG, then France is the embarkation)
    • relation between you and your friend
    • SG local (you) and SG IC
    • SG passport no and expire date(new)
    • address in SG
    • phone contact
  8. Page 8: photo jpg (400×514, 60kb) (This part is extremely tricky, as different web browser behave differently when clicking on the photo upload button, and even after that, the confirm page pop up is tricky as well, Now they updated it a bit, works better now, even with online photo editor feature, read the page btm info guide for smooth walk-through)
    • 2014-09, seems they changed back again for photo upload part, here is the IE explore guide on pop-up block situation, image click here ie_note.png
    • 2015-07, I use firefox these day, works fine as expected, easier than IE, just make sure photo at right size and smaller than 60kb
  9. Page 8 submit: Note: the following Please Wait process page can take more than 3 min sometimes, just wait patiently, unless it go error

Step 3, pay the bill by NETS or Credit card (30 SGD) in the following payment page

  • require a credit or debit card with NETS function (not necessarily NETS as I read in 2016.06)
  • (I did not use the bank keyin device in the process)
  • Note: after click pay, the online payment loading process can take sometimes more than 3 min, and in the end it will pop up a successful dialog, so make sure “allow that pop-up” or disable pop-blocker at very beginning, then it will take sometimes more than 3 min to process back to the ICA page. Wait Patiently for the online process

Step 4 print acknowledge in the following page

  • print the acknowledge of application (for your reference only)
  • click proceed button, print form 14 (which actually not used later)

Note: this service will corrupt several times, and every unstable, please keep on trying, also try disable all the Internet browser pop-up protection If you apply for multiple visitors, after finishing one application,

  • close browser
  • open browser, delete all history and cache and all setting
  • close browser, reopen it to make it work again

if you failed: check this:

Step 5, after wait 1-3 days, you get the email notification, follow the link in the email to the final entry visa issue page,

  • (If you did not get the email, go and login and check current visa application with their passport no, you will get the print page link there as well.)
  1. This is VERY Important for the final print out steps, as I have mis-understand once, and disaster happens
  2. Here is the final step
    1. go to this address, and you see this page, click “Please click here” (using IE 6 in XP, works)
      1. if it pop up a PDF file download, then it is working
      2. if it just refresh the page, then try IE 6 in XP, other browsers like Opera or firefox failed for me
      3. 2015-07 update: Firefox works fine on Linux as well for download that pdf.
    2. print the PDF visa out (the one with Singapore stamp pattern on the background) important here is the sample print looks like

Important note: even though the visa is valid for sometimes 2 month, it does NOT mean you can stay in SG for 2 month, it is only means the paper is valid, the maximum stay is 30 days, you have to go ICA to extend afterward.

step 6, arrival at airport, fill the DE card, pass the immigration port, collect luggage, and done,

  • (Chinese translation image as below)

Step 7, Info the friend on the basic information of local contact, if stay with local contact, the friend need to these 2 pieces of info to fill the entry card (DE card), otherwise, your friend may have difficulty on entering without knowing it.

  • Local contact's address
  • Local contact's phone number

Extension of Short Term visit pass after Entry Visa

After you got the Entry visa and arrived at SG, if you decide to stay longer than 30 Days; then you need to apply for this “Extension of Short Term visit visa” which, maximum the in-SG-period to 89 Days (59 more days after 30 days); (also means: an extension of short term Visit Pass to 89 days from the date of entry)

  • Doc required
    1. Form 14 by Local PR or Citizen
      1. FIN if have, DOB, Marital Status, Name (Chinese), Birth place (country, province), race, nationality, religion
      2. Passport No, issue date, expire date, issue country & place,
      3. White DE card number that you got on the arrival airplane
      4. SG address and contact
      5. Home country address
      6. Job name, Education
      7. Visit Purpose, Apply for How Many Date
      8. Nationality of Spouse (applicatant's wife or husband country)
      9. Country that you have been in for more than 1 year (country, address, date)
      10. no for all
      11. Sign by Applicant and Local
    2. Form V39I by Local PR or citizen (a secure deposit form)
    3. passport
    4. DE card (the white card got on airplane)
    5. current visit pass
    6. a return ticket
    7. local's ID and Photocopy
    8. (40 SGD fee if the period to 3 month) by NETS
    9. (Security Desposit if needed in Banker's Gurantee or Cashier Order or NETS) upon approval

Online e-XTENSION process

Page 1

    1. individual
  1. online requirement
    1. passport
    2. DE card
    3. credit card
  2. extension period
    1. option 1: 89 days from date of entry (for family tires, spouse, child, parent and parent in law)
    2. option 2: 30 days after expire of current
  3. After success, when leave SG, just show your online approval print letter and DE card

Page 2 - Apply for 89 days

after 1-2 working day

  • check ICA ienquiry for result and appointment date:
  • normally there is no email or sms notification for the result, you need to check manually online

on appointment day

  • meet up at ica with required document as u see the result above
  • the ICA officer approves on spot, and ask you to go home and download it from ICA ienquiry link again for the approval visa pdf (firefox works as well):
  • print it out with you
  1. First of all, read the requirement for each type of applicant: link
  2. choose “new application”
    1. Step 1 of 5: scheme selection
      • choose your type of relationship
      • login in SingPass
    2. Step 2 of 5: detail verification
      • name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport, expire date, DE card no.(your side number on the white card filled when arriving SG)
    3. Step 3 of 5: applicant's particular
      • marital status
      • race, religion, country of birth, province, occupation
      • passport issue date, country of issue, place of issue
      • education level, year, school name
      • address in SG, address in other country
      • email and phone no.
      • date of marriage, is it registered in SG
      • no for the common questions
      • local's occupation, salary, education level, email, phone
    4. step 4 of 5: form v234
      • living with local? how long?
      • applicant's parents detail: name, date of birth, nationality, occupation, relation
    5. step 5 of 5: confirmation
    6. pay with a NETS function credit card or debit card
  3. After 2 or 3 weeks, you get a email notice of “approved in principle”, means once you pay and make the appointment to personally go and submit forms, and you get it
    1. click the click in your email notice of “approved in principle”
    2. Page 1, it shows you got “Your application for a Visit Pass (Long Term) has been approved in principle for a period of ?”
    3. before you go to ICA for the card, you need to provide
      • 1. form 14 with entries; 2. existing visit pass; 3. 90 SGD
      • then,
        1. form 14 with entries
        2. 1 passport photo with white background
        3. passport (original, photocopy)
        4. DE card (white card)
        5. marriage certificate (original, photocopy, both applicant and local)
        6. education certificate (original, photocopy)
        7. local's employment letter [address to ICA, start date, job, salary per month, with company stamp]
        8. local's education certificate (original, photocopy)
        9. local's tax notice of 3 year
        10. local's CPF of 1 year
        11. ??letter of hospital
        12. local's bussiness if have
        13. child birth certificate if have
    4. Pay “This In-Principle Approval” within 1 week of receiving it
    5. Once paid, you got a FIN number
    6. Page 2: notice on how-to next for “complete formalities for the issuance of the Visit Pass (Long Term) personally”
      1. print “Approval notice”
      2. print “Form 14”
      3. print “Terms & Conditions of Issue for Long Term Pass Card”
    7. Following like in Page 2 to E-appointment immediately
      1. and choose a date and time (most time, there is a long dating queue, so book yours early)
      2. make sure yoponu appointment date is before your expire of existing visit pass or extended pass
  4. On the appointment date, go early with all your required documents listed above
    1. if you forget the date, check from again

Required Docs for parents

  1. form14
  2. photo
  3. passport (photocopy)
  4. DE card
  5. sponsor IC (photocopy)
  6. sponsor company letter
  7. sponsor birth cert (photocopy)
  8. sponsor tax 3 year
  9. sponsor cpf 12month
  10. medical report

(update: 2019.01: the ica website got big ui change, all like simple phone toggle input switch, every easy to use and responsive like modern design, all browser and OS should work perfectly, below info just as guide based on old info)

  • You can renew any time just like your passport, as long as it has 10+ day left in current LTSVP
    1. click on renew application
  1. Page 1/6, choose application type, then login SingPass
  2. Page 2/6, verify page
    1. needs FIN, Passport expire data, gender
  3. Page 3/6, detail,
    1. auto fill name, marriage, race, regligion,
    2. passport, no, issue, expire
    3. income
    4. date of marriage, marriage certificate no.
    5. baby and delivery date
    6. stay duration
    7. applicant's parents name, dob, job
  4. Page 4/6, confirmation
  5. Page 5/6, photo submit 400×514, 60kb
    1. got the reference no, pay 30 sgd by online nets
  6. Page 6/6, print finished acknowledgement

——–3-5 weeks later ————–

  1. Got the notify email, follow link in email to the check status page,
    1. Enter FIN and NRIC, get the page, click make payment, 90 SGD with NETS card or Visa Cards
  2. After payment,
    1. You see the in-principle approval result, print 4 forms in the page, complete formalities for the issuance of the Visit Pass (Long Term) personally at this office with the following:
      1. medical check form filled by doctor (take 1 week for doctor get blood check result)
      2. A copy of approval notice
      3. A completed IRAS Consent Form
      4. A duly signed printout of the form which you have submitted through the e-VP Form 14
      5. A duly signed printout of Terms & Conditions of Issue for Long Term Pass Card
      6. old visit pass card
      7. (only for spouse application, no need for parent aaplication) marriage certificate (the little redbook and english translation) and a copy
      8. (no need if you put photo online during form 14 process) a passport size photo
    2. Then, click the step 3 part link for online appointment booking link for complete formalities for the issuance of the Visit Pass (Long Term) date
      1. choose the date and time, print the Acknowledgement appoint from the page button. (book the date immediately after got email, as 1 day delay. other will fill the empty slot quick, so just grab a date about 1 week after seeing the doctor)
    3. Done with online part

——– on appointment day, you get the card in one hour after submit the prints with sign —-

  • get there 10 min early, or you will wait 2 hours for being late
  • even you arrive on time, it still take you roughly 30 min to wait your number to be called in general
  • the first call will briefly check your list of material, then ask you to wait again for number call
  • about 20 min later, 2nd call will process your material and let you wait another 45 min to collect your card
  • so in total, almost 2 hour to get your things done from your arrival.
  • book appointment online
  • submit docs on date
  • wait 6 month
  • Got in-principle approval letter (w. needed forms), and book appointment again
  • go ICA with letter, passport, id photo, medical letter
  • once you finished your completion of formality at ICA, and got PR certificate and temp IC card.
  • book appointment online again for IC collection.
    • when choosing the location of collection, for ICA collection, it will take several month to get, for post office collection, it take 1-2 weeks.
  • location : ICA
  • requirement
    1. Notification of Live Birth issued by the hospital
    2. Identity Cards of both parents
    3. Original marriage certificate of parents, with English translation
    4. Passports of parents
    5. Entry Permits of parents
    6. DE of parents
    7. Ensure you have the Child’s name
    8. self-ticketing kiosks at the Registry of Births & Deaths to obtain a Q-number and Birth Report form
  • Wait for the Birth Certificate to be laminated and issued, on spot collection

Since kids don't have SingPass to login the service, thus parent with SingPass need to login first, then follow the info according, also prepare the online passport photo for submit as well

  • Steps:
    1. login with parent SingPass
    2. in the ID number, put kid birth certificate number, and leave id issue date empty, and put kid passport expire date
    3. next page will pop up info to ask for parent id and issue date (which now make sense to verify the kid)
    4. then, it asks for contact like phone and email, in case something to ask you
    5. then it then goes to the photo upload page
    6. make online payment with card or nets
    7. done and wait for info update
    8. ~~~~
    9. maybe after a week, the email comes for collection, and the email ask you to make a appointment for collection date, so you dont need to wait for the long queue.
      1. things to bring:
        1. kid birth cert
        2. parent id card
        3. kid old passport
        4. if not parent to collect, then need authorize letter and parent id card
      2. kid under 6 year old no need to be present for parent to collect passport:

Singapore Utility Service guide

For electricity, water and gas, SP bill serves it.

To open/activate/replace your house utility service, you need to do this

  1. go (try IE or firefox if not working)
  2. under eService tab, click [Open a Utilities Account]
  3. fill the info if you are the person to pay the bill,
    1. date of activation or your-replace-transfer
    2. name
    3. nric or fin (issue and expire date)
    4. race
    5. contact, email
    6. address (this is the key to ID which house you are using)
  4. Make sure you activate 3 days later before you submit to avoid 60 SGD express fee
  5. Then, it will generate a page for you to print out,
    (if don't have printer or scanner, use DoPDF printer to file and PS your sign on it to save as JPG, use camera and PS as your friend)
    1. print it out, and sign it, and scan it into a small JPG image file
    2. scan your id card into a small JPG image file
  6. on the end of that page, attach these 2 files
  7. submit for process, it will reply you in real mail about 3 days for success application.
  • Gov side
    • IC: ICA or police
    • cpf: use Police IC update
  • Utility side
    • SP service: no need update
    • telecom: online / phone call
  • Product
    • ntuc income: online / counter
  • Bank
    • ocbc/posb: online