Quick Singapore Medical Info

Based on a general info, the medical service in Singapore can be sorted as following

  • nearby private small family clinic
    • location: nearby local food court or residential area
    • service: general small illness and medical check
    • fee: ok like
    • wait time: 10-30 min
  • regional goverment medium size polyclinic
    • location: near regional town center
    • service: all kind of major medical service
    • fee: cheaper than private
    • wait time: 30min-1.5 hour
  • major public hospital
    • location: spreaded in major area of singapore
    • service: full medical and surgical service, and patient ward as well
    • fee: depends on what you need, good to have insurance covered
    • wait time: mainly appointment only, or 1-3 hour wait time
  • private hospital
    • location: rich area
    • service: depends
    • fee: generally expensive
    • wait time: maybe shorter
  • dental service
    • type:
      1. more popular chain-like dental shop
      2. individual dental shop
      3. hospital
    • do your own research to compare

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