HDB BTO process and step guide

This part is supposed to get your well informed about the steps and process through BTO from start to end, from preparation of application to sit in your home.

Of course, information always on the move, check official for answer and use this only as a reading article for a rough idea.

  • submit application
    • e-Sales> BTO time > Apply online
    • nets payment 10 sgd
    • by computer ballot
      1. priority scheme
      2. parenthood priority scheme, first-timer kid family 30%
      3. auto under if w. <16 child. no need specifically
      4. you can check town and No. flat info on the related HDB info site.
  • after submitting your application:
    • You'd better manually go BTO website to check your application every week;
    • and check your email box as webll.
    • in the end, you will get 2 piece of info:
      1. your queue number
      2. your appointment date
      3. the booklet of the details of your selected BTO project, like floor planning.
  • After you got the queue no, and you are required to choose the house on the appointed date.
  • document you need before the date of selection:
    1. ID card and Passport of all persons listed in the application
    2. birth certificates of your children and applicant
    3. marriage certificate
    4. income proof: Latest 3 months’ payslip or Letter from employer
    5. income proof for additional CPF Housing Grant (average monthly < 5000 sgd): Latest 12 months’ payslip or Letter from employer; CPF 12 contribution
  • check flat available for selection
  • check in at HDB reception
  • wait for your number and go to selection
    • choose your flat
    • bring in your filled HDB letter that you received earlier (particles)
    • IDs and marriage certs, income cert, and other docs as required
    • choose your door and floor tire
  • pay your 2000 sgd option fee at upstairs and come back to the salesman
  • apply the HDB Grand and Loan at same time.
  • Done
  • if you dont use HDB load, here is the difference.
    • 1st down payment 5%+5% for HDB loan, or 1st down payment 10%+10% for bank loan
    • both 1-3% legal fee by cpf/cash
  • if you received their letter for submit other required docs,
    • scan and submit through myhdb page, or by link in the letter you received (seems work in Internet Explorer only)
  • HDB Load Approve is quick like 1-2 weeks process time
  • HDB Grand is like 5-6 weeks process time
  1. After 3 or more years, the BTO building is finished, HDB will send a email and a physical letter to inform you the Flat Key collection
    • Docs to bring
      1. Date and Time for the appointment
      2. IDs and Birth certs to bring
      3. Applicants to be there in Person
      4. bank statement letter for account info as in use of GIRO
      5. attached formed in physical letter: “Further Particular Form”
  2. Actions before Key Collection Day:
    • email HDB and update them on New Born Baby or Family member changes
    • check CPF amount and don't touch it
    • check Daily limit of your bank card for payment on that day, if you need to pay a large amount money, get the card transaction limit up before that day
  3. Actions on Key Collection Day:
    • to pay list:
      • key collection related fees
      • Fire insurance
      • House Protection Scheme insurance
      • 1st month service fee related
      • extra payment if your loan not cover up the rest flat purchase balance
  • Thing to do at HDB center
    • 5.5SGD fire insurance purchase
    • Final Contract Sign
    • Key collection
    • Loan payment and setup
    • Bill Payment and setup
    • Electronic and Water utility setup
  • If you buy HDB house, you have to get the 5.5 SGD house framework fire insurance to cover HDB's property due to fire, at HDB counter where they outsource 3rd party company to do the 5.5 SGD thing.
  • After that, you are free to buy additional insurance coverage for your own HDB interior parts, just like “Health insurance” to the house. which means it can be expensive and it can be cheap as well.
  • 5.5 SGD HDB fire insurance covers:
    • the cost of restoring damaged internal areas built and provided by HDB
    • excluding household contents provided by HDB or its approved developer
  • Main Additional Fire Insurance Checklist for related insurance products
    • covers major renovation works
    • covers alternative accommodation
    • covers personal belongings
      • jewellery, watch, art, collectibles
    • covers pet
    • lost money
    • covers liable repairs to neighbours
  • fire insurance product list:
    • AIG (50sgd~)
    • NTUC income
    • AXA
    • AIA
    • Prudential
  • cause list:
    • fire : 37%, 3000 fire per year in SG
      • rubbish chutes and bins
      • unattended cooking
      • discard item
      • electrical soures
    • water: 21%
    • theft: 11%
  • Before Decoration Team move in, you need to check the new HDB house defects, just like when you just bought a new camera. Then send the repair and fix list to HDB contractor to fix the house product.
  • Then the Decoration Team move in and do work
  • HDB loan is fix rate at 2.6%
  • You can change the loan monthly payment anytime free of charge and unlimited at HDB branch,
    • change on CPF monthly payment amount
    • change on bank saving monthly payment amount
  • You can also dump into a big cash order or NETS transaction there anytime and unlimited times for any amount above 5000 SGD.
  • so if you like and you can, you can payback all just next day unlike bank loan

Partial Payment Step

  • Go local bank online page, update the eNet limit
  • Go HDB online page, Purchased Flat icon > Finacial Info page > lower section area is Partial Capital repayment,
  • under Partial Capital Repayment page, create a payment request, under eNet part, enter the number you want to pay, (you can also add number in CPF or Giro if you use that method as well)
  • after creating the request, there is a text in bottom part of page, it has link (InfoWeb) to payment page to ⇒ go to House Payment page (use search on top to get to that page if you can't find)
    • go to one-time payment, do steps there you will see the partial capital payment amount, tick the one you want to pay, and next it will jump to eNet then jump to your local bank login and confirm page,
    • (note: some bank app will need enable push notification for approve and changes may happen when they update app for the approve process)
    • after payment, allow browse to pop up message if it block pop up.
  • Then, go to the payment page, you should see that partial capital payment item gone,
  • Then, you do bottom of your flat's Financial Info page, the link to check Financial e-service status, you should see the the “Submission Date and Application Status” as pending for the partial capital repayment, after 3 day process, it should become successful.
  • in SG, you need to pay for property tax as long as you have a property, whether or not you actually rent it out or use it yourself, basically a tax for ownership, in contrast of income tax.
  • the tax is calculated yearly for the actual market value for owning it for 1 year, so it can be higher or lower next year.
  • there is slightly higher property tax rate if you actually rent the property out.
  • Formula:
    • current year's property tax = Sum ( current year's Annual Value (can disagree with IRAS)[Segment_list] * (rentout/user)Tax Rate[Segment_list] )
    • note: rentout = residential tax rate; user = owner-occupier tax rate
  • other than the compulsive cheap home structure insurance, you may like to buy extra home insurance for covering things like interior and extra expense due to accidental home damage.
  • different insurance companies have different plans, and you don't have to get inside the HDB hub by the eTiaQa agency, there are other choice as well.

a Quick compare with HDB hub inside agency vs rest

Brand eTiQa NTUC income
cheapest 1yr 60.5, 5yr-48.4, (online-44.1) 3rm-35.3, 4rm-51.36, 5rm-61, ec-76
cover renovation 50k 3rm-30k, 4rm-45k, 5rm-55k, ec-70k
cover content 30k 3rm-22.5k, 4rm-32.5k, 5rm-40k, ec-50k
medium 1yr 97.1, 5yr-77.68 3rm-46, 4rm-71.7, 5rm-96.3, ec-127.3
cover renovation 70k 3rm-100k, 4rm-150k, 5rm-200k, ec-300k
cover content 50k 3rm-20k, 4rm-32k, 5rm-45k, ec-52k
hotel cover 15% sum, 350 pd 10% sum, 350 pd
handy cash 500 pp 500pp

PPHS - Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme

  • Apply Steps:
    1. login to myHDBpage
    2. click page bottom: Application of Rental Flat under Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (seems works only in IE)
    3. go step by step confirm the members of your HDB
    4. submit and pay online 10 sgd.
    5. wait one month for the result
  • One month later, you got the letter of aprroval and queue number for selecting flat and appointment date
  • while waiting for the date of appointment, you can check online daily for the available flat updates
  • go appointment with doc like IDs, choose the flat, sign and pay 2 month rent and fee and collect keys
  • move in (if you need to delay the move-in date, you need to write a appeal letter)

HDB reference info

Community Garden in HDB area

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