SG Domain Info

  • .sg, are regulated by SG's local network, and registration require a local ID, and most required to register through a local domain registrar, except .sg is available directly from GoDaddy, which also have server in Singapore.
  • here is list of gov registered registrar in Singapore:

Which Local Registrar to Choose 2002 tons of local school, local Gov, local telcom clients 60 SGD 2000 used by, tons of top domain option need reg to see 1997 tons of 250 country domain option 75 SGD 2001 site look like godaddy 45 SGD 1996 standard look 60 SGD 2000 standard look 42 SGD 2003 standard look 51 SGD 2010 many option but only .sg, no 50 USD 2002 mix of branding and hosting need to reg to see no common pay,buy,check in their site need reg to see a bit low look 45 SGD 2003 unbelievably ancient look, like a 1990 site 45 SGD site too low look for hosting company, pre as Top3Media 51 SGD more like a legal company than a service provide more like a branding company site in foreign language site got barely any info

Which Foreign Registrar to Choose both ok, also tons of other TLD 45USD

Domain information backup and lookup before transfer

SG domain transfer

  • check sg domain info first
  • base rule:
    • new register has 60 day lock down period, so cant transfer till 60 days ends
    • any change on owner info of domain will lock another 60 days from the day it changes
    • those .sg ended domain is controlled within SG, thus not all domain hosting company can handle the transfer, they most likely be handled by SG registered hosting company (example, godaddy can't transfer sg domain between account but can transfer out)
  • steps:
    • you need to reg a account in those SG hosting company for host the domain
    • unlock the domain, (if you can, for some foreign hosting company use 3rd party handler, you may not be able to unlock domain, so just go next time directly)
    • get EPP passcode/security code/authorization code for the sg domain to transfer from old owner
    • apply sg domain transfer on new your hosting account
    • then, old owner will receive a email to confirm and approve the transfer (a bit difference than .com, as sg domain request must confirm, if not it will fail after 7 days, also for godaddy and other foreigner hosting company, they may use 3rd party SG company for handling the sg domain, so the confirm email may from their intermediate company not from them.)
      • the email may have [ a transaction id + transfer code (security code) ] or [ a link from old reg site ] to enable you to confirm or deny transfer, and there may be 2 situation:
        1. Situation 1: it will ask you to go old Reg site/old 3rd party handler site to confirm the Accept/Cancel transfer
        2. Situation 2: it will ask you to go new Reg site, and put (transaction id + transfer code) on new reg site > authorize transfer part, in the pending domain, and enter transfer code to confirm immediate the final transfer
      • once confirm, transfer should go in progress, you wait 5-7 days, the transfer will done, (but use above method to get it immediate done)
    • transfer done

Extra note for other standard domain transfer:

  • for normal domain, on old reg site, just unlock domain and get EPP code, and in new site, enter domain transfer with the EPP code; then old owner and new owner both get allow transfer in/out; then if updating reg contact info, both old/new owner approve update info; transfer done in 5 days or immediately there is a option in email.
  • godaddy has direct domain transfer if both party has godaddy account, (but only common domain name can do that, some special domain can't)
    • just go transfer to another account, enter new owner email, new owner allow transfer, old owner allow; then if update reg info, both old/new owner get email to approve; then done.
  • using sg domain and hosting on 2 different owners/server
    • Method 1:
      • (on domain owner part): change name server to hosting owner's name server,
      • (on hosting owner part): add records on setting on hosting owner's DNS server
    • Method 2:
      • (on domain owner part): point A record to hosting owner's IP address, and do all records on domain owner part (like if both domain and hosting on same service provider but 2 different owner account, generally no need do name server thing, so this is the solution)

other transfer case

Common Domain Price

  • domain price should refer to the renew price, since initial price offered is only for 1st year, renew price is actually price for rest each year
provider total privacy
godaddy 26 sgd zone file is free 26 sgd 13 sgd
aws com: 12 usd = 16.5 sgd
net: 11usd = 15 sgd
zone file is 0.5×12 usd = 8.2 sgd 24.7 sgd (com)
23.2 sgd (net)
  • a hosted zone represents a collection of resource record sets that are managed together under a single domain name.

CN Domain

  • CN domain can be get from Aliyun ( or other China hosting service (China ID and AliPay or CN Bank pay method and CN phone number needed), or GoDaddy (China,HK,TW ID or SG id/passport/biz license or other as below needed, PNG file upload, jpg looks blur not sure why)
    • .cn is for personal and coop, (39 CNY)
    • need more CN local company info
  • AWS can't get cn domain
  • for CN domain from GoDaddy, you need any of one category of info verification docs
  • You'll need to upload a copy of valid documentation in order to begin the real name validation process. To use your domain name, you must provide one of the following:
    • A valid resident ID, temporary resident ID, business license or organization code certificate from China.
    • A valid resident ID, driver’s license, passport or business license from Hong Kong or Macau.
    • A valid driver’s license, passport or business license from Singapore.
    • A valid resident ID, driver’s license or business license from Taiwan.
    • A valid driver’s license or passport from all other countries and regions.


  • 中国境内的有效居民身份证、临时居民身份证、营业执照或组织机构代码证。
  • 香港或澳门的有效居民身份证、驾照、护照或营业执照。
  • 新加坡的有效驾照、护照或营业执照。
  • 台湾的有效居民身份证、驾照或营业执照。
  • 所有其他国家/地区的有效驾照或护照。
  • Buy the domain like normal CN domain
  • after purchase, choose the type of owner verification and upload the proof photo (PNG format in case not working)
  • after 2 days, you should get approved, and domain works as normal domain
  • download the domain e certificate with domain name and used contact number in owner contact number part
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