New Baby in SG

  • Here is the guide and info list on all the information about “New Baby from start to Finish” in Singapore as a local (citizen or permanent resident)

Stage 01 - Planning and Pregnancy

  • Planning is the calculation of “When New Baby will be Born”
    • Every year during September and October, Singapore suffers from Indonesia tree burning haze, so new born falls on this period is a lot of more thing to care, since the air pollution can be quite bad for even outdoor activity. Which means avoid getting pregnancy during December and January.
    • Singapore raining season is from September to February, means from cool to lots of heavy raining.
    • Month of May can be quite hot and sweating without air-con for baby during sleep.
  • Pregnancy is the process of booking doctor and eating well and stay well
    1. 3rd month from pregnancy is time to book a doctor for regular medical check in hospital
      • normally if you don't have a specific doctor in mind to see you regular, you get a referral letter from neighborhood polyclinic first, then they will assign doctor and hospital and package to you, and it is cheaper than directly go to hospital and book.
      • if you have a specific doctor in mind (like you heard from friends or online information), then just go to the hospital and book directly.
    2. eating well and stay well
      • just eat normally and maintain active lifestyle
    3. getting prepared and reading books
      • very important to borrow a lot of books about Pregnancy and Baby Care
    4. Buying the need for new Born Baby
      • Very Important to get Everything needed for new Baby before Last month of Pregnancy
      • like those bottles, cloth, cleaning utilities

Stage 02 - Due Date and Baby Delivery

  • of course, you know the date is coming from the doctor, and the actual delivery day is floating like lucky draw inbetween last 2 weeks.
  • on the actual baby delivery day, you should already know it is the day from your early book reading and study on Pregnancy;
    1. get a taxi to drive you directly to delivery suit (if you knew it already during your regular checkups) or emergency department (if you don't know where is delivery suit) and Don't walk long or stand long. (you should already knew from books you borrowed)
    2. the nurses take care of you and through the day, New Baby is born, and basic baby bath and care and feeding are taught in hospital (of course, you should have read those parts in books already)
    3. baby and mom stay in hospital for 2-3 days to observe period
  • Done and out of hospital and back home

Stage 03 - Baby Care and first 1-6 month

1st Month

  • Government related to-do work
    1. Birth registration
      1. booking by phone or email the Hospital or ICA to get a appointment date for submission with in 14 days (as instructed on the form)
      2. bring together with “Notification of Live-Birth” form, which already filled by hospital (which you got from hospital after baby born like below one)
      3. think a name and finish the “Report Form For Registration of Birth” (which you got from hospital after baby born)
        • baby info: (name, sex, date of birth, time of birth, race and place of birth) : refer to above form info
        • mother info and father info, education
        • marriage date and number
    2. Baby Cash Gift and chosen bank's “Child Develop Account” (with Baby Bonus Card) application (citizen only)
      • following 2 forms (which you received with above at hospital in a package) to submit together at where you got your new Born Baby's Birth certificate
        1. Form BB (mother and father info, income, father/trustee existing bank acc number for receiving cash, other child info) (bank account number = bank code, branch code, acc code; SG bank code reference)
        2. chosen bank's CDA application form (father/trustee info)
        3. Now, since 2015, they have moved to online CDA creation:, and login with SingPass
  • Baby care related to-do work
    • regular follow-up baby medical check appointment booking
    • mom's milk feeding and that is it.
      • breast milk blocking solution:
        • to write

2nd Month