Equipment Handling and Maintain Guide

Note: DSLR camera is not compact camera, as when you interchange lens, dust can come in, so

  • keep you DSLR equipment in a safe, dry, good air flow environment, as in wet environment, Fungus can grow into the equipment, (which is bad)
  • when interchange lens, make sure camera open mount is facing down, so no dust drop in,
    • blow away dust when lens is mount up while mount part face up.
    • then mount it.
  • camera bag should be clean and soft and safe.
  • get a dry box if possible, but as long as you use it every day, shine them under the sun, they will be healthy and fresh

Dry Cabinet

  • for the digital dry cabinet, for manual humidity level setting,
    • Green Zone = 55-60% setting
    • Blue Zone = 40-55% setting
    • Red Zone = 35-45% setting

My Fighting of the Lens Maintaining


Fungus (left)

Lens Fungus

Cheapest Maintain Solution - Silica Gel

Silica Gel

Lens Fix Guide

Sensor Cleaning

Digital Camera Problem and Fix

  • Problem: Camera reset time every time when changing battery
    • Fix 1: try using a different brand memory card (example, a kingston, sandisk, transcend, etc) or try checking if reset problem still existing when there is no card while changing battery
    • Fix 2: if fix 1 failed, try using another battery
    • Fix 3: if fix 2 failed, try re-install firmware
    • Fix 4: leaving a charged battery in camera for a few days to recharge internal clock battery
    • Fix 5: clean the battery's contact area (with alcohol)
    • conclucion if all failed: those capacitors in internal cameras have a limited cycle life, leaving camera without battery for too many times, like those people prefer to keep battery out of camera when not using, may have got this issue.
    • last solution, send to service center to fix it.
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