Light Bulb

Name light meter (ISO 100, T 125)
ikea 9W 5000K bulb inner: F5, EV12 softbox: F1.8, EV9 1m: F0.8, EV6.5
set photo 135W 5500K bulb inner: F6.3, EV12.8 softbox: F3.2, EV10.7 1m: F1.1, EV7.3

Color Temperature and Lumens

Quick Notes:

  • 5000K, like sun light look (cool)
  • 2700k, like flame look (warm)
  • Warm Color Temperatures (2700K to 3500K):
    • people more like these color, often seen in home and hotel or restaurant
  • Cool Color Temperatures (4000K to 4500K):
    • often as task lighting in offices, kitchen under-cabinet lighting or craft rooms
    • human see higher color temperatures to be “brighter” (lumens) than warm temperature
    • human see higher color temperatures to be “clean” (like those product flash shots, flash is 5600K)
    • human see higher color temperatures to be making “Object Color Clear” and “Things to spot clean”, like toilet, kitech cleaning check
  • Full Spectrum Color Temperatures - Daylight = full sepctrum (5000K to 6500K): often seen in museums, jewelry stores, showcase windows, and hospitals

Object Color Distort by Color Temperature

  • color temperature + light brightness + rendering (Color Rendering Index - CRI) can cause human see/precept color “Differently”
  • Fight Between “Camera White Balance setting” and “Light Color Temperature”

LED Lights

  • E27: means standard Edison screw bulb, 27mm diameter (Thumb size), [also used in cheap softbox lights]
  • E14 (SES): small Edison screw mount, 14mm diameter (pinky size)
  • E17 (IES): intermediate, like for microwave
  • E12 (CES): Candelabra, like for decoration
  • E10 (MES): miniature, like torch buibs
  • Illuminance (照度):
    • Luminous energy per unit time
    • If you ILLUMINATE an object and measured the amount of light being projected towards it by the light, that is ILLUMINANCE
    • lux (= lumen per square metre)
  • Luminous flux, luminous power (光通量):
    • Luminous flux incident on a surface
    • LUMINANCE is the amount of light reflected off the surface being ILLUMINATED!
    • lumens = Luminous flux
  • ref:
Light Temperature accuracy watte lumens vari Modifier Price Exposure
Godox SL60W 5600k+200K CRI93 60W 4500 10-100% Bowens mount 125sgd remote (60cm, direct) EV10.5 (1/60,iso100,f5)
(60cm,umbrella) EV9 (1/60,iso100,f2.8)
Aputure 120D ii 5500k CRI96 180W 14300 1000sgd remote
Godox SL200W 5600k+200K 200W 20000 500sgd
TRADFRI LED E27 980lm 2.2-2.7,4k 980 ~ 40sgd remote
TRADFRI LED E27 1000lm 2.7k? 1000 ~ 30sgd remote
RYET LED E27 1000lm 5k 9W 1000 3sgd (60cm, diffuse, 3x) EV9 (1/60,iso100,f2.8)
LEDARE LED E27 1000lm 2.7k-warmer CRI90 11W 1000 ~ 5sgd
LEDARE LED E27 1000lm 2.7k-warmer 1000 ~ 8sgd
LEDARE LED E27 1600lm 2.7k-warmer 16W 1600 ~ 10sgd
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