Update GoPro from Phone

  • Process
    1. phone detect old software in GoPro,
    2. start upload new software into GoPro, remind you that after uploading, your gopro will restart several times
    3. GoPro got the new software, start install automatically,
    4. showing Down Arrow, 1/2 on front screen, with red blinking lights
    5. showing Down Arrow, 2/2 on front screen, with red blinking lights
    6. red blinking slowing down, GoPro restart several times with Down Arrow 2/2 on front screen
    7. then Ok icon shows on front screen
    8. then it restart with status on front screen
    9. GoPro become normal
    10. Phone can connect to it again.

Go Pro drain battery issue even when off

  • steps
    1. connect your Go Pro to your phone,
    2. in setting of Go Pro on phone, (as much easier to see all in one place)
    3. turn off QuickCapture
    4. turn off GPS
    5. turn off voice control
    6. auto power off: 5min
    7. take out SD if not using for long time
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