One-for-All good article on cards

Card Type for Camera Storage

  • most common type: SD card
  • high end sports camera: CF card
  • high end video camera: 2.5 inch SSD
  • other cards: rarely used

SD card

There are 3 size of SD card

  • Full size SD: most common type for cameras
  • miniSD: rarely seen nowadays
  • microSD: most common type for slim compact cameras and smart phones

We are mainly talking about Full size SD card From Here;

SD card has 3 property to consider when choosing

  1. capacity: how many GBs of storage
    • category label based on capacity:
      • SD: 1-2 GB
      • SDHC: 4-32 GB
      • SDXC: 64-128 GB and upto 2TB
  2. Maximum Read/Writing speed: how fast it can quickly move in/out data
    • category label based on max R/W speed: (MB/s)
      • R 280MB/s W 250MB/s : Video Pro
      • R 95MB/s W 90MB/s : Photo Pro
      • R 90MB/s W 60MB/s : Photo Burst Good
      • R 90MB/s W 40MB/s : Photo Burst Good
      • R 80MB/s : Good
      • R 48MB/s : Average
      • below : Low
  3. Minimum video recording performance: how fast it can steadily record video
    • category label based on Minimum write speed (MB/s) and its corresponding Bus Mode (old to new):
      • Class 2,4 (2-4MB/s): Normal speed Bus (DVD resolution recording)
      • Class 6 (6MB/s ): Normal speed Bus (HD-FHD resolution recording)
      • Class 10 (10MB/s ): High Speed Bus (High Quality HD-FHD resolution recording)
      • UHS 1 (10MB/s) : UHS-I Bus (High Quality HD-FHD resolution recording)
      • UHS 3 (30MB/s) : UHS-I/II Bus (4K resolution recording)
      • V30 (30MB/s) : UHS-I/II Bus (4K resolution recording)
      • V60 (60MB/s) : ? Bus (6K? resolution recording)
      • V90 (90MB/s) : ? Bus (8K? resolution recording)
    • category label based on its Bus Mode:
      • Normal Speed bus: 12.5MB/s
      • High Speed bus: 25 MB/s
      • UHS-I bus: 50MB/s - 100MB/s
      • UHS-II bus: 150MB/s - 300MB/s