• fit just one camera and one normal size lens.
  • easy and small to move around.
  • or small camera w a small flash stacked.

Backpack - for wild life and hiking bag

Backpack style is good for long time walking, as it provides 2 strips for support and body level support;
And it's also good for holding lots of stuff in a neat way.

  • Lowepro Flipside 200
    • fit camera and 150-600 lens
  • Lowepro Flipside 300
    • Lowepro Flipside 300 allows to have the K5 & 150-500 attached on one side & enough smaller sections to carry 3 smaller lenses

Sling bag style

Holster style, Belt Bag style

  • good for one-camera-one-lens style, like only gun holder like (三角包)

  • 宝罗BL-1208(1209,1206,1008), 赛富图H1系列(L), 百诺CW Z系列(Z40), 致泰0511, 吉尼佛08102
  • 三角包,枪包
  • L size: 14x18x33cm (9 x 20~30cm+7cm)
  • L+ size: 18x19x43cm
  • long top load bag (mix of sling and backpack as well) for loading 2 camera+ 2 lens vertically, like a combo holster bag
  • yeud 803M
  • 吉尼佛47105 (20×25-27x36cm)
BL-0012 35x14x14cm
BL-0009 25x12x12cm
BL-0007 16x11x11cm
BL-0006 18x10x10cm
BL-0004L 15x12x12cm

Shoulder Bag

  • Advantage of shoulder bag
    • Gear right at hand level compared to backpack or sling bag
    • let carrying a bed for your long lens sleeping horizontally inside to avoid lens tip landing on ground.
    • your back can get a breeze of air compared to backpack
    • can give you a lot of loading slots when put on ground.
  • Disadvantage
    • Shoulder can swing around your shoulder, and can slide in to front if you bend your body forward, causing a big motion of gear bag hitting forward or hitting ground if strap is long and you are bending low
  • Example:
    • Lowepro Nova series (retangular base shape) and stealth report series (D base shape)

Stealth report

100 AW dual-clip 15, 20,35
300 AW dual-clip 40,45
400 AW dual-clip 30,45
650 AW 68
single-clip open Nova series reduced weight
nova 140 aw dslr 17x10x17cm;0.4kg nova 1 19x10x16cm; 0.7kg 10,19
nova 160 aw dslr+1x 20x11x17cm; 0.5kg nova 2 21x11x19cm;0.7kg 10,25
D100 AW 25x15x15cm, 1.25kg 25,65 nova 180 aw dslr+1x 25x15x19cm; 0.7kg nova 3 23x15x19cm; 0.9kg 15,20,40
D200 AW 23x17x19cm, 1.4kg 25,30,40,50,108 nova 190 aw dslr+2x 29x16x20cm; 0.8g nova 4 29x15x19cm;1.2kg 10,15,40,55,75
D300 AW 27x17x19cm, 1.5kg 50,100 nova 5 35x15x21cm;1.6kg (8xlens) 25
D400 AW 32x19x24cm; 1.9kg 50,75,80,99 nova 200 aw dslr+4x 39x26x24cm; 1.2kg
D550 AW 38x18x25; 2.4kg, 12“ hold 50
D650 AW 41×18.5x28cm, 2.9kg, 17” hold 120


  • nova sits in the middle of Stealth Reporter and Format in term of weight
  • and seems it the nova line replace Stealth Reporter and Format together as middle weight serious bag
  • nova XXX version is more round like stealth reporter than nova X line.


120 13x9x14cm; 0.17kg 20,25m
140 16x9x16cm; 0.3kg 35m
160 21x12x20cm; 0.3kg 20,32m can take 4x YN560 flash with TX in middle
  • Ref:
    • YN560III,IV flash full height with foot is about 19cm tall