Instrument note and range

Special Notes:

  • if you play D4 note near the violin, the body of the violin will vibration with it, as Resonance
    (Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system's resonant frequencies or resonance frequencies)

Buying Guide

  • Frequent change ones:
    • string: like guitar, it can be super cheap
    • bow: the wood stick with horse hair, it can be cheap and expensive as well, just buy cheap popular one
      • Bow size: the full/adult size is 4/4 scale, at length of 74cm. there is mini version of bows for the mini version of violins, which are for kids. the scale is measured like toy model car.
    • rosin: the solid liquid to smooth the hair of bow, super cheap
size length age
4/4 full size 23.5“ 59cm 12-
3/4 22” 56cm 9-11
1/2 20.7“ 51cm 6-10
1/4 19” 47cm 4-7
1/8 17.2“ 42cm 2-6
1/10 16” 38cm 2-6
1/16 14.5“ 35cm 2-6